Why doesn’t my vape juice taste the same?


If you’re new to vaping (and even if you aren’t new) there may be some things that you’re not aware of that can leave you a bit confused as to why it’s happening when you vape. Let’s take the scenario of you’ve filled your tank up with the vape juice you always use, took a puff and then notice it just doesn’t taste right, like what you’re normally used to. And you ask yourself why is this? That’s what this article is all about, looking into the reasons why your vape juice might not taste right.


Your coil might need changing

Starting off with the most common problem-solving technique which is taking a look at your coil condition as this plays a huge role in the flavour of your vape juice and may be the cause of the problems you’re encountering.

A coil is effectively the heart of any vaping device, and if it isn’t functioning properly, you’ll find your vape won’t function properly either!

The lifespan of a coil is normally anywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks, before the cotton will start to become burnt, and signal the beginning of the end of your coils life. A coil is made up of a small wire coil wrapped round x amount of times to make the coil shape, and then cotton is threaded through the middle of it which is what the vape juice absorbs into when you fill your tank up.

The more you use your vape, the quicker the cotton in your coil will start to deteriorate and then that’s when your juice will start to taste a bit off. The taste of burnt cotton is pretty heinous and you’ll know straight away when you need to change your coil.

This can really cause your vape juice to not taste good, as the burnt cotton can react with your vape juice and just spoil the entire tank of vape juice. A quick coil change will see the flavour you’re accustomed to return very quickly!

How you store your vape juice can change the taste

Storing your vape juice correctly is absolutely imperative if you want to preserve the life and taste of it. The three elements you need to be aware of which can cause your vape juice to spoil is heat, air and light.

Always keep your vape juice away from any direct sunlight, don’t store any bottles on windowsills for example. Keep it away from warm or hot places, and always make sure the lids of your bottles go back on as this stops the air getting to it.

The way these can affect your vape juice is similar for all three and that is it can cause the nicotine in your vape juice to begin spoiling/turning and this will hugely affect the flavour that you know. It can make a juice quite harsh on your throat, or sometimes even give a bitter/sour taste. If this happens, discard the vape juice as there’s no saving it once it spoils.

man with vapers tongue

Vapers tongue…it’s a real thing!

You may have heard of the term “Vapers tongue” and always wondered what it actually means, and it’s pretty simple to explain. This is when you cannot taste your vape juice at all, and the flavour is a bit muted and not what you are used to. This can happen from vaping the same flavour e-liquid for a prolonged period of time and your taste buds can become used to it, and not react to which ever flavour your vape juice is.

But fear not as the effects of vapers tongue are reversible! Your tastebuds will regrow themselves within a 2 week time frame, and you can speed this process up by drinking plenty of water, changing up the flavour you normally use to something different (obviously a flavour you enjoy) and also vaping a mint/menthol flavour vape juice can help refresh your palette.

Check your expiry dates!

Goes without saying really, that if a vape juice has past its shelf life date, it likely is going to start tasting a bit funky! Most vape juices are made using food-grade ingredients and this means that they will have an expiry date, just like food you would buy in a supermarket. And for example, if you drank milk that had gone past it’s expiry date, it wouldn’t taste right, and this applies to vape juice!

Always keep an eye on expiry or shelf life dates that will always be printed somewhere on the bottles (hint…it’s on the base of 2X Vape juice bottles) and make sure you don’t vape anything that’s past it, as I guarantee this will not taste the same!

Keep your tank clean

No not your fish tank, your vape tank! Keeping this clean is really important to preserve the flavour of your vape juice. I always recommend when you change your coil, give your tank a good clean, either with warm water and cotton buds, or just a wipe round with some paper towels, and this ensures anything that shouldn’t be in your tank isn’t in there.

I always recommend giving it a clean also if you change your vape juice flavours around, and the old flavour can stick to the glass of your tank and then affect your new flavour you put in your tank.