Why Does My Vape Juice Have No Flavour?

Why Does My Vape Juice Have No Flavour

Let’s set the scene…you’re at your local vape shop and they’ve just got a brand new range of vape juice in stock, absolutely stacked line up of different flavours and you cannot wait to get your hands on one of them, fill your vape up with it and let the taste smack your taste buds and make your mouth water as much as it did when you heard the flavour profiles. But then tragedy strikes…

It doesn’t taste anything like what the label says it will, or the product description did, absolutely heart breaking scenes! You’re then left standing there wondering why does my vape juice have no flavour?

Well, this could be down to a number of variables, and you might not be aware of how these factors can have such an impact on the flavour of your vape juice tasting like how it’s been described. In this article, I’m going to look at some of the main reasons why your vape juice might not have any flavour or doesn’t taste like it should. Let’s get in to!

man with vapers tongue

1 – Vaper’s Tongue

Starting off with the most popular reasoning as to why your vape juice might not have any/as much flavour as it should, and this could be because you’re suffering with a case of Vapers Tongue. You might have heard of this “ailment” mentioned during your time of vaping and kind of pushed it to one side thinking it will never happen to you, but it really can happen to anyone. I speak from experience as I’ve had it happen to me a couple of times, and it’s a real pain.

Vapers Tongue is the term for when you basically can’t taste your vape juice, no matter what flavour it is, everything will just tasted muted and bland. This can occur if you’ve used the same flavour of vape juice consistently for a period of time, as your taste buds will have become used to it, and therefore it’s all it’s been used to so won’t be able to adapt to different flavours.

This means your taste buds are now effectively damaged, but fear not, it’s only short term and it’s not going to be a permanent thing! Taste buds are funny things, because they can regrow and fix themselves within a matter of weeks, so it’s ok if this happens to you because it is reversable. There’s a few things you can do to help cure vapers tongue, or even just keep it at bay so it doesn’t set in.

  • Try and avoid using the same flavour consistently, as this will keep your taste buds fresh
  • If you do happen to develop vapers tongue, use a mint/menthol flavour vape juice for a couple of days so that this will refresh your palette and make your taste buds react to something new
  • Drink plenty of water and keep your mouth from being dry, hydration is key as your taste buds will need it!
  • Take longer breaks from using your vape. This is really important as you’re then not consistently layering on more flavour from your vape onto your taste buds, and giving them a chance to reset a bit will definitely help the cause.

Like I said, this ailment is only temporary and can easily be reversed once it sets in, so don’t panic if this happens to you, just follow the above steps and you’ll be back in flavour country before you know it!

vape tanks with no flavour

2 – All About The Airflow

If you have a vape device that has an adjustable airflow, it’s absolutely imperative that you have this set at the right restrictions for your vape and if you want to get the most flavour from your vape juice.

With Mouth to Lung style Vaping, 9/10 the airflow will be quite restricted so that this delivers more of a tighter draw to replicate a punchy throat hit that you would get from smoking a cigarette. And with this restricted airflow, the flavour will come through much more intense due to there being limited air flow and the heat from the coil will be warmer thus making the vape juice more flavoursome.

If you used a Direct to Lung vape device, these work best with more airflow as they’re ran at a much higher wattage than what MTL style vapes are, so therefore will need more air so the coil doesn’t get overly warm and cause problems when it comes to vaping.

So to put it simply, airflow can cause your vape juice to not be so flavoursome as you’d hoped. Try playing around to find the sweet spot, and remember the less airflow, the more flavour will come through.

3 – Not Letting Your New Coil Sit For Long Enough

This really is one of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to vaping, especially new vapers, but also seasoned vapers still make this error and it can play a huge part in your flavour being muted or not coming through.

Every time you change your coil, you need to leave it soaking in a tank full of vape juice for I’d say at least 10 minutes. This is so that the vape juice can fully saturate and absorb in the cotton of the coil, and prevent it from getting any dry hits which in turn will instantly ruin your coil and there’s no coming back from that unfortunately!

If you do not let your vape juice properly absorb into the cotton, and think you’ll have a sneaky puff because you can’t wait any longer, then chances are all you’re going to taste is warm or even burnt cotton, with next to no flavour of the vape juice residing in your tank you filled up. This is a telltale sign that you haven’t left it long enough to properly absorb into the cotton, and the easy fix for this? Be more patient!!

4 – The Numbers Make A Difference

If you’ve got yourself a vape device that has a variable wattage feature, then it’s absolutely crucial that you have it set at the correct wattage that is recommended to be used for the resistance of your coil. Near enough every coil I’ve ever used will have the recommended wattage range printed onto the coil, and if it doesn’t then it will have it on the outer packaging, and there’s a reason why they’re printed on there, so it tells you what to set your vape to for optimal vaping pleasure!

Please pay attention to these numbers as they’re on there for a reason, and put on there by the people who created the coils so chances are rigorous testing has taken place when it comes to using the coils to find the “sweet spot” for wattage. If you have your wattage to low or to high, you probably won’t get as much flavour as what you could potentially get if you actually had your device set within the correct range that has been recommended.

5 – Burnt/Dirty Coils Make All The Difference

Coils to a vape are like what the heart is to a human body. It’s got to be kept in good working condition for everything else to function properly. Coils normally have a life span of anywhere between 1 week to 2 weeks, some even lasting for 3 weeks before needing to change them, but when you need to change them, you really do have to do exactly that if you’re wanting to keep getting a flavoursome vape experience every time.

Gradually over time, the cotton within the coil will start to burn from being heated up consistently as well as absorbing all of the vape juice you run through it, and when it starts to go, it’ll start affecting the flavour of your vape juice. There’s no other taste like a warm blast of burnt cotton, and it’s something every vaper can relate to having happened to them at least once in their vaping lifetime.

If you were to consistently use your vape with a burnt coil, then of course your vape juice isn’t going to have the same flavour like it used to! When you notice this, then it’s time to make the change to a fresh coil, and don’t forget the above point I made of letting it sit and soak up the juice for a long enough period of time!

I hope this article has been helpful to you if you’re asking yourself why doesn’t my vape juice taste right. These are just 5 top points I’ve experienced during my time vaping as well as others I know have also experienced, but there may be some other variable factors which may affect it, such as out of date juice, vape juice not mixed properly or if it’s been left in a hot or cold environment for a period of time as all of these things can affect the flavour coming through as well.