What you need to successfully start Vaping


So you’ve decided to make the leap of faith and give up smoking and start vaping. One of the best choices you’ll make in your life probably! But you have no idea what you need to get started on your vaping journey right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’m going to explain and breakdown everything you need to get started on your transition from smoking to vaping, break down all the jargon you might have heard thrown around that normally goes over your head, and make it as simple as possible!

You’re now one of millions of people in the UK that have give up smoking in favour of vaping

Recent reports by Public Health England in 2021 showed that roughly 3.6 million people in Great Britain are vapers, this equates to roughly 7% of the entire population, and you are now part of this!

Public Health England have been public advocates of vaping, declaring it 95% safer than smoking back in 2016, which began a ripple effect with more people beginning to make the switch.

Whilst there is so many people in the UK that vape, as well as PHE making the above declaration, only 12% of people in the UK correctly believe that vaping is much less harmful than smoking. The likelihood of the majority of non believers are still current smokers who are doing the much more harmful out of the two.

You’re about to save a lot of money, and fast!

The price of tobacco and cigarettes are at an all time high and will continue to rise with every budget review it seems. Whereas the cost of vape juice and vaping doesn’t get affected by these reviews, so opting to vape will guarantee to save money, almost instantly from the minute you make the switch!

Currently, the average price of 20 cigarettes is £11 per pack if bought from a retailer within the UK. Now let’s say you were a 20 a day smoker;

£11 a pack x 365 (days of the year) = £4015

Now to compare this to the cost of vaping. The main vaping products you need when using an e cigarette for vaping is the E cigarette device itself, a tank, whichever flavour, and milligrams of nicotine E Liquid you choose, and Coils. Don’t panic if some of that sounds foreign, we’re getting to the explanations of these things very shortly.

The yearly cost of what you need to vape would more than likely cost you less than £400 a year to upkeep if you were to vape every day, and frequently. 10% of the cost of the years total for smoking! It’s looking more and more like a good decision that you’ve decided to quit isn’t it?


#1 – A device

Pretty obvious that this would be number one on the list, but just had to ensure that you knew. You will need a vaping device to be able to start vaping!

So many are available on the market today but getting something simple and straight forward like an AIO/Pen Style device will suit you perfectly to start out.

This is a device that’s an all in one unit, with an internal battery that charges by USB, that you add your vape juice of choice to and vape away! The main upkeep you will need to maintain is changing your coil regularly, I’ll explain about these in a couple of steps time.

You can also opt for a device that isn’t an AIO, and go for something like a mod that has a tank you add on separately to it if you wanted something with a bit more power. Speaking of tanks…


#2 A Tank

Sadly you don’t need a military grade vehicle if you’re wanting to start vaping, as cool as that would be, you just need a vape tank instead.

Tanks screw onto a device like a vape pen or vape mod, and is powered by the internal or external battery of your vaping device. As with the above, tanks contain coils which you must regularly change to keep them functioning properly. Which leads nice on to my next topic…


#3 – Coils

I’ve mentioned them enough, and now it’s time to talk about them!

Coils are basically the heart of your vape, and without them working normally, your vape will not function. A coil is a single piece of wire, wrapped tightly round to make a coil shape, and a “wick” threaded through the middle, which is normally made from cotton, and placed inside an atomiser head which then goes in your vape tank!

I always recommend giving your tank a good clean every so often, just to make sure no residue is lingering around anything that shouldn’t be in there has snuck in.

I normally recommend that these are changed every 1-2 weeks based on what juice you use and how often you vape. The cotton basically deteriates over time and gets burnt and you will end up getting a nasty burnt cotton taste when you vape instead of your normal familiar vape juice flavour! Ah, speaking of vape juice…


#4 – Vape Juice

You obviously don’t want to be vaping on thin air and burnt cotton, so you’re going to need some good quality vape juice to scratch that itch for nicotine and get a full flavour experience!

2X Vape juices have been created for this exact reason, offering a mouth watering array of flavours combined with our patented WholeNic nicotine base to give you an ideal vaping experience!

WholeNic is a nicotine salt base using all of the alkaloids found in tobacco to give you a satisfying vape that is the closest thing you’ll get to smoking.


#5 – Batteries

You may have opted for a vaping device that doesn’t have an internal battery fitted and requires an external battery to be added in to make it function. Therefore, you’ll have to get one of these if you didn’t get one with your kit. The most popular size batteries are either 18650 or 21700 batteries, and are available from most reputable vape retailers.

It is essential that these are charged correctly, as is the same with any vape with an internal battery. For more information on this and how to charge your vape safely, you can read all about it in this article



As much as I wish they were, vapes aren’t magic wands whereas once you use them, you’ll magically never want a cigarette again. You will need some will power and determination to reach for your vape instead of your usual cigarette to successfully transition to vaping all the time.

Replace your routine cigarettes with your vape, and vape throughout the day when you start to have the cravings for nicotine.

With a bit of willpower and determination, you will soon be one of the millions of people in the UK that have made one of the best choices of your life by giving up smoking!

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