What is WholeNic?


What is WholeNic?

WholeNic is a specially designed form of nicotine to replicate smoke’s complex mixture of pleasurable components but without any of the nasty unwanted compounds such as Tar and carcinogenic’s.

In this article we will take a look in to how it is created, the benefits of using it and why we have chosen to use it in our 2X Vape juice range.

Facts & Figures on Vaping vs Smoking

We will go over some of the facts and figures surrounding smoking and vaping before we get in to the science side of WholeNic as this explains the thought process behind how & why WholeNic was created.


Despite these statistics, for the first time in 2020 the proportion of the adult population using e cigarettes fell. But as of June 2021, the number increased back to what it was in 2019 which is 7.1%, equating to 3.6 million people using e cigarettes within the UK.

Statistics also show that the number of people that have tried vaping and reverted back to smoking is increasing. The amount of ex-smokers that have tried vaping but no longer vape is 17.5% compared to 13.5% who still currently vape. This means there are 3 million ex-smokers who have tried vaping but no longer vape, compared to 2.4 million ex-smokers who are current vapers.

The reason for this behaviour is largely because ex smokers did not find vaping as enjoyable as smoking. The graph below shows some figures surrounding this matter. Credit to Action on Smoking and Health for this graph


Another big reason why smokers did not enjoy vaping is because it did not help them deal with their cravings of still wanting a cigarette due to not getting enough nicotine from their vape juice.

Based on this research and what the statistics showed, WholeNic was then designed with two clear & specific goals in mind;

  • Maximise the harm reduction potential of vaping
  • Provide the satisfaction of smoking where vaping has previously failed

What is WholeNic?

Achieving the goals mentioned above, WholeNic was created and the results have been outstanding. Below are a few facts regarding what has been created with WholeNic;

  • WholeNic®  recreates the feeling of smoking.
  • WholeNic® is MHRA registered and exceeds all UK and EU safety standards.
  • WholeNic® contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids found in tobacco, in the same proportions as a cigarette, providing everything in tobacco that gives smokers pleasure.
  • WholeNic® contains zero TSNAs and zero carcinogens.

WholeNic alkaloids are fully tested by independent labs, as well as being analysed by ISO accredited laboratories.

raspberry nic salt vape juice

With all this in mind, it was a no brainer for us to include WholeNic in our 2X Nic Salt range.

WholeNic has the full spectrum of tobacco alkaloids in cigarette-like proportions leaving the user satisfied and not craving more. Combine this with the mouth watering flavours created by our flavour house, we’ve created vape juice so good you’ll not want to use anything else in your vape!

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