What E-Liquid Is In Elf Bars?

What E-Liquid Is In Elf Bars

There’s absolutely no getting away from Disposable Vapes at the minute. Every convenience shop you go in, you’ll be greeted by the rainbow of colours behind the counter of different Elf Bars, Lost Mary, Elux and countless other brands of Disposable Vapes for you to choose from if you so desire!

They’re pretty simple and straight forward little things, a vape that’s got a coil and battery housed inside and also prefilled with 2ml of vape liquid that matches the flavour description. But you might be asking yourself the question in topic…what e-liquid is it that’s used in Disposables like Elf Bars? The E-liquid used in Disposables is Nicotine Salt e-liquid and it’s normally a 20mg nicotine strength.

I’m going to take a deep dive look into what vape liquid is used in Disposables, where it’s made, what nicotine strength is commonly used, and explain why there’s much better options out there for vape juice rather than Disposables!

Made In China – That Means Everything

If you’ve ever looked at the outer packaging of your Elf Bars, you’ll notice on the box the words “Made In China” will be prominent, as well as the address of the Elf Bar HQ, which unsurprisingly is in China. This is where all of the products are assembled and then dispatched out from to wholesalers across the globe. It’s estimated that Elf bar are moving units out in the the hundreds of millions every week due to demand being so high. But it’s not just Elf Bar who operate in China, as ELUX do also. And of course Lost Mary, who is owned by the same company who own Elf Bar.

With everything being manufactured there, this means that the vape juice used in every Disposable is also made in China, and this is where some slight cause for concern may arise. China do not have any regulations in place for vape juice like what we have here and the end product does not have to pass compliance or regulation checks like it does in the UK for example.

The Tobacco Products Directive was introduced in 2016 in order to regulate the E-Cigarette market, bringing forward consumer safety to the very front with these regulations. Producers of E-Liquid must notify the appropriate regulatory body of the ingredients in e liquids, the components in devices and the refilling mechanisms of devices.

As mentioned, these regulations don’t exist in China and they do not have to report to any regulatory bodies when it comes to the juices and devices they create. Of course, they are safe for consumers to use, but the vape juice being unregulated is a cause for concern.

This means that additives like sweeteners and such which are banned from use in vape juice made here in the UK could be added in as no checks would be made on it. While these aren’t horrendously bad or sinister, there’s a reason why they’re banned from being included in UK made e liquids!

deconstructed elf bar

Dissecting a Disposable

Disposable Vapes come in all different shapes, sizes and designs depending on what brand you opt for, but they all essentially do the same thing. And that’s because they’re all designed the same on the inside despite how the outer casing looks.

As the picture above depicts, what’s housed inside every Disposable device is a tiny wire coil, a nice thick wick for the vape juice to absorb into, and this is all wired onto a small lithium-ion battery. Most Disposable Vapes will have the same size battery, but some do feature a larger battery meaning you’ll get more life out of your Disposable.

Pretty much all well known brands of Disposable Vapes do comply with TPD regulations, which means that the vape juice used in the Disposables does not exceed 20mg in Nicotine strength and no more than 2ml of vape juice is put in a Disposable. There was however some breaking of these rules recently here in the UK, with a number of Elf Bars being found to contain more than 2ml of vape juice, which is a breach of compliance under TPD regulations.

So you know the strength, you know the flavour, but do you really know the finer details of what vape juice is used in your Elf Bar or Lost Mary? Let me explain if you don’t!

2X Vape Juice Range

2X Vape – Made In The UK & A Brand You Can Trust

We always keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to current trends in the Vaping market, and we couldn’t help but see the boom in popularity of Disposable Vapes and how popular these brands like Elf Bar and Lost Mary were becoming, but we were also blisteringly aware of where and how they were being produced, and we wanted to offer people similar flavours seen in these Disposables, but in the form of 10ml bottles which were must more cost effective, and also creating vape liquid that was fully tested, and compliant with all TPD regulations. And this is how the 2X Vape Juice range was created!

Our team of experts analysed the most popular flavours on the Disposable market, and not just replicated the flavours, but they took the concepts of them and put their own spin on them to make a high quality vape juice using only high quality ingredients to create a mouth watering range of juices that our customers would instantly love.

  • We carry out intricate and detailed Emissions testing on all of our ingredients to keep in line with the regulations.
  • Nothing will be used, nor leave our facility until it has passed all necessary Quality Control checks that we carry out every time.
  • We also hold samples of all raw materials as well as finished products at the point of testing so IF any problems did arise, we would soon be able to match it back.
  • Safety is our number one priority at 2X, and this is the main reason why every single ingredient that passes through our doors is tested prior to being used in our vape juice recipes
  • None of our juices contain ingredients which are banned under TPD Regulations, as we are a Diketone and CMR free zone. If you’ve never heard of Diketone before, it’s the chemical name for a molecule that contains two carbonyl groups, with the principal one being Diacetyl.

Disposable Vapes are not the most affordable way to vape either. With the average cost of an Elf Bar being around £6, you only get 2ml of vape juice in each Disposable, and they can sometimes only last for a day if you’re a heavy vaper.

Whereas opting to buy a bottle of 2X Vape Juice, it’s only £2.95 which is less than half the price of an Elf bar and you get 5 times the amount of E-Liquid than what’s in a Disposable. And not just any e-liquid, high quality premium UK made E-Liquid!

  • Watermelon Ice Carton - 10mg
    Watermelon Ice – Nic Salt Vape Juice – 10ml
  • Blue Raspberry Fizz Carton - 10mg
    Blue Raspberry Fizz – Nic Salt Vape Juice – 10ml