Vaping Misinformation and Myths Debunked

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Vaping always has been at the fore front for negative media and scaremongering news articles being printed on how bad it is for you, how its killing people, how it’s no better than smoking. And there’s something that’s common with all those statements, they are WRONG.

In this article, I’m going to look at the top Vaping “myths” and misinformation that’s been widespread and debunk them for your peace of mind.

Vaping isn’t safer than smoking – WRONG

Starting off with a classic, and probably the most shared statement by media and said amongst groups of disbelievers (most of the time they are current smokers) is that Vaping isn’t any safer than smoking cigarettes. Oh, how wrong they are.

Back in 2016, Public Health England declared that while it is not completely risk free, Vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Quite a bold statement to make, and PHE wouldn’t really say something publicly unless they were believers of it.

When smoking a cigarette, up to seven thousand toxic chemicals are created and ingested into the body, with tar and carbon monoxide being the most prominent offenders. Compare this to vaping, and it doesn’t even come close. There are some chemicals created within the vapour produced from heating up the vape juice, but they are at such minimal levels it’s not even a cause for concern. So Vaping is definitely safer than smoking.

Vaping causes Cancer – WRONG

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of Cancer, heart disease, lung disease and various other health ailments. It’s been proven, and the facts and figures are on the internet for everyone to see. But what people can’t see is how many people get cancer from Vaping, and why is that I hear you ask? Because IT DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER!

There is nothing carcinogenic or toxic that can be ingested from vape juice that could possibly cause cancer compared to that in cigarettes. There have been stories printed in the media that people have given up smoking and turned to vaping, and then further down the line sadly contracted Cancer. And the media immediately point the finger to Vaping being the cause, never mind the fact the person had been a heavy smoker for 20 years of their life. Frustrating to say the least!

Vaping is a serious health risk and could kill you – WRONG

Another classic in the arsenal of misinformation, is that vaping is serious bad for your health and could kill you.

All you need to do to fact check this is search up how many people have died from vaping nicotine vape juice in the last 15 years (how long vaping has been prevalent in society) you’ll have a pretty hard job finding any numbers, because nobody has died from vaping nicotine!

People have died from vaping other types of illicit substance-based liquids, which I’ll go into in more detail below, but nobody has died from vaping traditional nicotine inclusive vape juice. Whilst nicotine is a highly addictive substance, it is not harmful, and vaping it cannot kill you

Vaping can cause lung disease and kill you –WRONG

This is the tricky one, as it is half true, but also wrong based on the misinformation that’s been spread.

Back in 2020/2021, reports from USA came in that people who vaped were contracting the EVALI based lung disease, which is a lung disease and sadly dying from this. A couple of isolated incidents happened here in the UK in 2021, but on investigation the truth was revealed of what exactly was the cause of this disease.

It was found that the “Vape juice” these victims were using contained not only Cannabis, but also Vitamin E Acetate, which when heated and ingested can cause serious damage to the lungs and lead to serious health implications. So they weren’t vaping traditional nicotine based vape juice, it was illicit vape juice that contained a chemical which is not permitted in vape juice that is sold over the counter in reputable retailers as all vape juice have to pass rigorous testing to coincide with TPD legislations introduced in 2016.

People don’t know what they are vaping, and anything could be in vape juice – WRONG

As I mentioned above, the TPD Legislations were introduced in 2016 and impacted the vaping industry in a big way but mainly for good reasons.

All vape juice produced to be sold on the UK Market has to pass rigorous testing and be fully compliant with the regulations to be able to be sold. This means it can not include sweeteners, colourings or anything else that shouldn’t be in there. The labels must display clearly what exactly is in the vape juice contained within the bottle, so people know exactly what they are vaping. So that puts that myth straight to bed as people do know what they are vaping thanks to the TPD regulations.

And rest assured that all of the vape juices that we make here at 2X are fully TPD compliant and adhere to all regulations as well as passing all necessary tests that are required