The difference in Freebase Nicotine and Nicotine Salts


Nicotine Salts vs Freebase Nicotine – A 2X guide to Nicotine

Freebase nicotine e-liquids are the OG’s of the vape juice game, and have been around since the birth of Vaping. But in the last few years, there’s been a new contender vying for that top spot in the vape juice, and it’s succeeding. That contender? Nicotine Salts. But which is better to use? It really does come down to personal preference of what you want to get out of your vape, let’s go into more detail:

What is Freebase Nicotine?

Freebase Nicotine has been used in vape juice since the birth of vape juice as I mentioned above. It gets it name from the process involved in changing the nicotine from its natural “Salt” state (remember that term, it comes up again soon…) by having the alkalines stripped out of it, so the pH levels rise and is then created into its a ‘Freebase’ form which is then added in to vape juice.

Freebase vape juices are sold in 3, 6, 12 and 18mg Nicotine strength, so people who are wanting to quit smoking, or who vape to scratch their itch for nicotine can choose a nicotine strength best suited for them, based on how much they previously smoked.

However, with this method of creation, and the pH values being a lot higher, it can be quite harsh on the throat in higher doses if somebody is not use to ingesting a lot of nicotine. For example, a heavy smoker may be fine with an 18mg strength vape juice, where as someone who was a light smoker would find this far too harsh and probably only want to use something lighter like a 3mg or 6mg strength.


What is Nicotine Salt?

As mentioned, Nicotine Salts are the newer kid on the block to rival the OG Freebase e-liquids, and the popularity of these e-liquids has certainly risen up and up over the last few years. I remember when they were just coming out on to the market, and the options were very limited to what you could get, but now the options are endless and there’s some great flavours out there on the market…especially from 2X Vape.

The process in making this is very similar to the process of Freebase, but remember when I said something about the salt coming back up in this article, well here it is!

Nicotine Salts are made by keeping the nicotine in its purest form from when it is extracted from a tobacco leaf. This is done by balancing the pH levels with a basic, weak acid like Benzoic Acid, and its then mixed together to make salt based nicotine. Clever stuff hey? And no, it doesn’t mean that they’ve just added some SAXA table salt to the nicotine, and you’ll end up with a salty tasting vape! (I only say this because I had a customer ask me this once…)

Nicotine Salts also allow people to use higher doses of nicotine without it being too harsh on their throat, due to the pH levels being balanced out, unlike normal Freebase nicotine which can be too harsh on the throat in high doses.

What Are The Advantages Of Freebase Nicotine?

There are advantages to both Freebase as well as Nic Salt vape juices, which I’ll go over below.

Freebase vape juices come in a variety of nicotine strengths as I’ve mentioned above, as low as 1.5mg all the way up to 18mg strengths. This is ideal for people who are looking to quit smoking, as it gives them more options to experiment with different strengths to find what is right for them.

This can also work in a reverse way as well, by giving people the capability to start dwindling their nicotine strength down as they progress on their vaping journey.

For example, I started out on a 12mg nicotine strength, then went down to a 6mg, and now use a 3mg in a sub ohm device, or a 6mg freebase strength as the 12mg became too harsh and strong. However, I do also vape Nicotine Salts also, in a 20mg strength. You’re probably thinking how can I vape a 20mg Nic salt but not a 12mg Freebase? Let’s find out why that is:

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What Are The Advantages Of Nicotine Salts?

With the way that Nicotine Salts are made, the acid added into it and the balancing of the pH levels, it makes the feeling of the Nicotine feel a lot smoother on the back of your throat, meaning you can vape something like a 20mg strength quite comfortably which is the difference between freebase.

Nicotine salts also absorb a lot quicker into the bloodstream than freebase, and the effect of the nicotine lasts longer as well, giving you a nice nicotine hit that will mean you won’t have to vape as frequently.

The other advantage of choosing Nicotine Salts is our 2X Vape Juice range is made using our patented WholeNic Nicotine Salt, so you can get the full benefit by choosing our juices!


Which Devices Can Nic Salts Be Used With?

My personal opinion is Nic Salts are best used in a Pod System, as that’s what I’ve always used and had an enjoyable vaping experience everytime. This is because you don’t need to use any super high powered cloud blowing device to get a satisfying vape. Something simple and straight forward like a Pod system will be ideal to keep those nicotine cravings at bay, as it will provide a nice mouth to lung vaping experience, a punchy throat hit and a nice nicotine rush to boot!


There is quite a distinct difference between the two different types of Nicotine that is used in vape juice. Both have a lot of good sides depending on what you want to get out of your vape juice. 

If you were someone who was unsure of what nicotine strength to use and wanted to experiment with different strengths, then maybe Freebase would be best for you. 

However, if you wanted a much more punchier nicotine kick, and a more satisfying vape experience, then Nicotine Salts would be best for you to use.