The benefits of Vaping

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Vaping can help you quit smoking is arguably the biggest benefit, as you will be able to get your nicotine fix from using an E-Cigarette rather than smoking an actual cigarette. 

It’s considerably safer and healthier than smoking as well, and you will see changes relating to your health happening within the first couple of days of quitting. 

And most importantly, it’s drastically cheaper than what the cost of smoking is as well! 

Read on and find out more about the benefits of vaping!

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Your health will improve…a lot.

Vaping is safer than smoking, it’s a well known fact but still some doubt it. To add some weight behind this statement, Public Health England declared Vaping to be 95% safer than smoking back in 2016, and further lamented this statement recently in a new publication reaffirming their beliefs that vaping is much safer than smoking.

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK every single, with approximately 78,000 people a year dying through smoking related illnesses, and even more living their everyday lives with debilitating smoking-related illnesses. Smoking also increases the risk of a person contracting more than 50 different serious health conditions that have long-term effects with most being irreversible and in extreme cases, fatal.

It’s reported that there are over 6000+ chemicals that are expelled from a lit cigarette, with the most prominent being tar and carbon monoxide which are the primary causes for the serious health conditions mentioned above. And when you stop smoking and ingesting these harmful chemicals, your health will start to improve within the first 24 hours of when you stop smoking completely.

The tar and carbon monoxide in your body will begin to naturally disperse when you start vaping, as you are not adding any more chemicals on top of what’s already there as there isn’t any of the kind found in vape juice. Your lungs will start to clear of the thick gloopy tar that took residence at the base of them, and your respiratory tracts will also become clearer.

Vaping is the most successful way to quit smoking!

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is something that is used a person who is looking to quit smoking. Things like Nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, sprays etc have been around as NRT options since the dawn of time, but the new kid on the block has arrived and caused a stir amongst the other NRT options, and that is the E-Cigarette to help you quit smoking for good.

More people are opting to use an E-Cigarette as their preferred method of nicotine replacement therapy, and for good reason too.

People who are using vaping products found that it was a good way for them to quit and the success rates of people who have used E-Cigarettes to quit smoking have grown year on year, and based on this, GPs and localised Stop Smoking services have seen the benefits of electronic cigarettes themselves and are recommending people should begin vaping as a way to become smoke-free.

Some stop smoking services even offering people vouchers to take to their local vape shop and redeem themselves a vaping starter kit, an idea which is absolutely brilliant in my honest opinion.

The support and advice people receive from stop smoking experts is unrivalled and is a massive benefit to people when they are trying to quit.

You’re in control of your nicotine intake

With a cigarette, what you see is what you get basically. Each cigarette has the same amount of nicotine, tobacco, chemicals, and bad stuff in as the next one. And there’s no way to alter this either. But with vaping, you are in control of the variables.

When you quit smoking and start vaping, you will want to use vape juice with a nicotine strength that’s based on how many cigarettes you smoked so this may be a high strength or low strength depending.

The huge benefit that vaping gives is the different nicotine strengths that are available for you to choose from. So if you started on a strength and it was too strong, you can just use a lower strength, and the same goes vice versa, if it’s not enough nicotine and you’re still getting cravings, then you can up your nicotine strength.

You also have the ability to start dwindling down your nicotine progressively over time after you quit smoking. It’s quite common for people to do this, and eventually work down to a very low nicotine content, or even stop completely after time. Nicotine is an addictive chemical that is hard to give up, but with the right mindset and methods, it’s something that you can overcome by making the choice to vape.

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Vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking

A huge benefit you’ll reap when you make the change from smoking to vaping is the money you’ll save. The cost of smoking is the highest it’s ever been and the price of tobacco products has increased year on year in recent times. Whereas the cost of vaping products has tended to stick at the same price point and not increase like smoking.

The cost of smoking to someone who smokes 20 a day works out at anywhere from £3-4000 a year which is astronomical when you look at it. The cost of vaping is a fraction of this, roughly around 5-7% if that. So not only will your health benefit, your bank balance will benefit from it when you switch to vaping.

You get to enjoy the massive amounts of different flavour e-liquid

We all know what tobacco and cigarettes taste like, and it’s always the same, never changes really does it? Sure you might get a menthol taste if you buy the flavour cards or pens and apply to your cigarettes, but that’s it really. And I don’t actually know anyone that openly admits they love the flavour of cigarettes. However, I do know many vapers (myself included) that love certain flavours of vape juice, as well as trying different flavours too!

There are hundreds upon hundreds, and maybe even into the thousands of vape juice flavours on the market today, and you get to try as many as you like when you start vaping!

There’s nothing wrong if you want to stick to a traditional tobacco flavour e-liquids, but there’s so much more out there that can really set your tastebuds alight. And the fact that the vapour produced from your E-Cig will smell 1000x better than the smoke that’s expelled from a cigarette adds in yet another benefit.

No staining of walls or furniture

When people smoke indoors, the nicotine expelled in the cigarette smoke will react with other chemicals released and stick to walls, surfaces, furniture, basically anything it can, and this can be very hard to get clean and get the smell of stale smoke and nicotine out.

With vaping, this doesn’t happen as I’ve mentioned above, the clouds of vapour just disperses over times and doesn’t stain walls or furniture.

Vape clouds don’t linger or leave a lasting smell

As I just touched on at the end of the previous point, the vapour produced from an electronic cigarette does not linger or leave a lasting smell like what cigarette smoke does.

Everybody can tell if someone’s a smoker, and if they’ve recently had a cigarette, as the smell of cigarette smoke lingers around on a person, and in the air and tends to stick around for a good while before eventually dispersing.

This doesn’t happen when people vape though. The vapour clouds do linger for a short time but naturally disperses away after a short time due to it being just vapour produced from your vaping devices, rather than a thin cloud of smoke that will hover around.

Vaping indoors is a lot more acceptable than smoking also for this reason. Some pubs, clubs and other places will allow people to vape inside, where as smoking inside public places has been banned for many years now. So you can benefit from not having to go out in the cold on a miserable winter night and enjoy a vape in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may be, and not worry about the smell hovering around.

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Second hand vapour doesn’t harm others around you

Second hand smoke can seriously harm others that are nearby someone smoking a cigarette, especially children and the more vulnerable. This happens by them passively intaking the smoke from a person smoking a cigarette, and this can lead to health problems if it’s a consistent occurrence.

There has been reports and studies released that has proved that second hand vapour is not harmful to anyone should they passively inhale it. This is because the vapour produced doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and toxins like what cigarette smoke does.