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Stop smoking and start vaping – What to expect


Vaping is becoming the most popular form of NRT, with many stop smoking services and GPs suggesting the use of e-cigarettes as the first port of call to people looking to give up smoking and for good reason to!

Why choosing to vape is the best way to quit smoking

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E-Cigarettes are fast becoming the preferred method by smokers wanting to quit and first recommended by GP’s and stop smoking services, lets get into why using an e-cigarette is the best way to quit smoking.

Why do people start Vaping?


As of 2022, there are currently 4.3 million adult users of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom. This is the highest amount there has ever been, and has continued to grow year on year since statistics were recorded.
But why do people vape? That’s a common question on everybody’s mind, and in this article, I’m going to look at why people vape, why the numbers of adult vapers continue to grow, and explore the benefits of vaping over smoking.