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Why Does My Vape Juice Have No Flavour?

Why Does My Vape Juice Have No Flavour

Let’s set the scene…you’re at your local vape shop and they’ve just got a brand new range of vape juice in stock, absolutely stacked line up of different flavours and you cannot wait to get your hands on one of them, fill your vape up with it and let the taste smack your taste buds […]

Does Plain Vape Packaging Reduce The Big Appeal?

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In May 2017, a new ruling was passed which meant that all packaging of Cigarettes and pouches of loose leaf hand rolling Tobacco was to be changed to a plain grey/black design, eliminating any colourful designs on the pouches or packets that previously had been seen marketed. This was done in a bid to make […]

2X Vape – Where Quality and Compliance Matters

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The Tobacco Products Directive was introduced in 2016 to regulate and control the E-Cigarette market, by bringing in restrictions on the maximum capacity size of vape tanks, reducing the bottle size for vape juice that contained Nicotine, as well as banning specific ingredients for the safety of the consumers.

Are there any side effects from Vaping?

Are there any side effects to Vaping

Whilst there may be some short term side effects that people may incur, there are no proven long term side effects due to the length of studies required which isn’t possible due to the time Vaping has been prevalent in society.

Stop smoking and start vaping – What to expect


Vaping is becoming the most popular form of NRT, with many stop smoking services and GPs suggesting the use of e-cigarettes as the first port of call to people looking to give up smoking and for good reason to!

Why choosing to vape is the best way to quit smoking

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E-Cigarettes are fast becoming the preferred method by smokers wanting to quit and first recommended by GP’s and stop smoking services, lets get into why using an e-cigarette is the best way to quit smoking.

A complete guide on travelling with your Vaping gear

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If you’re planning a trip abroad and are a bit unsure on what the restriction and guidelines are for taking your vaping gear with you, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll go over the Do’s and Don’ts of travelling with your vaping gear and vape juice, how to take it on a plane, and how vaping laws differ from country to country.

Vaping Misinformation and Myths Debunked

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Vaping always has been at the fore front for negative media and scaremongering news articles being printed on how bad it is for you, how its killing people, how it’s no better than smoking. And there’s something that’s common with all those statements, they are WRONG.