Stop smoking and start vaping – What to expect



What to expect when you stop smoking and start vaping

Choosing to stop smoking is one of the best choices a person can make for many different reasons. When people do decide the give up the cigarettes, a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy is always recommended to help people along the way, as they have likely formed an addiction/dependency on nicotine from smoking for a prolonged period of time.

Vaping is becoming the most popular form of NRT, with many stop smoking services and GPs suggesting the use of e-cigarettes as the first port of call to people looking to give up smoking and for good reason to! The number of adult users of e-cigarettes in the UK currently sits at the highest number it’s ever been with over 3 million adult users being active Vapers. But what can you expect when you give up smoking and start Vaping? Let’s look at what to expect and the benefits of Vaping over smoking.

Why using Nicotine Replacement Therapy is important

If you’ve been a smoker for a long period of time, you would have more than likely formed an addiction/dependency on Nicotine. This is due to the fact that Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, and an addiction can be easily formed if it is absorbed into the body regularly.

When you decide to stop smoking, it’s always recommended to use a Nicotine Replacement Therapy option, so you don’t have to go the cold turkey route as this could result in suffering from some of the withdrawal symptoms from Nicotine such as headaches and low mood.

Using a Nicotine Replacement Therapy tool is the best option as this will still supply you with the Nicotine your body has been accustomed to getting from smoking cigarettes, but the main difference being you won’t be ingesting any of the nasty chemicals and carcinogens that come in partnership with nicotine in cigarettes. The long standing NRT tools like Patches, gum, sprays and lozenges are an option, but in recent times GPs have started believing in Vaping and the positive effects it is having on people, and now suggesting people use E-Cigarettes as their preferred method to help people stop smoking.

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Your health will improve

So you’ve made arguably one of the best decisions of your life to quit smoking, congratulations! And you’ve decided to use an E-Cigarette as your NRT tool, even better news! But you’re unsure what to expect with making this change. There will be some big changes you’ll notice in the first two couple of days of making these change, mainly relating to your health and how your body feels.

The two main offending chemicals found in cigarettes are Carbon Monoxide and Tar. Both of these are seriously harmful to your health, and affects your body in different ways. Carbon Monoxide affects the amount of oxygen in your blood and body, which is normally what leads to breathlessness due to not enough oxygen getting in to your system.

Tar is exactly what you think of it, a thick gloopy nasty substance that tends to reside in the back of your throat, and in the base of your lungs and airway tracts. Lovely to hear right?

This is what lingers about and causes you to cough and splutter, and sound a bit weezy when you breathe. Neither of these are present in vape juice, or the vapour created by the vape juice being heated up and turned to vapour, which is just another tick in the box in favour of Vaping.

Now when you quit smoking, these horrible things will begin to disperse, and normally within the first two days you’ll start feeling the full effects of quitting smoking. Normally within the first 8 hours of your last cigarette, your blood oxygen levels will start to regulate back to normal as you’re not inhaling carbon monoxide, and your body will begin detoxifying any carbon monoxide that is lingering about. A near instant benefit you can start to reap!

After 24 hours, the tar that is residing in your lungs like I mentioned will start to disperse, as this no more is getting added to it, so it’s not being built upon.

A piece of advice is, you may find you’ll cough a bit more frequently in these opening few days, normally after you have a vape, as the ingredients in vape liquid like Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol can react with the tar that’s in your body, and cause you to cough.

This goes away quite quickly and is a fairly common thing. If you’ve never vaped before, it is a completely new sensation that does take some time getting used to, but you’ll soon be used to it in no time.

You’ll probably notice your sense of taste and smell will start improving as well after a couple of days. This is because smoking heavily affects your taste and smell receptors, so once you quit smoking, these will start reverting back to normality and you’ll be able to enjoy the taste and smell of things again!

A little further down the line in time, you’ll find your breathing capabilities will become better too, as the tar would have dispersed fully and your body will be clear of it, so you can begin enjoying longer walks, exercise and other things without having any difficulties, and this is all because you’ve made the choice to quit smoking and start vaping!

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Your bank balance will improve

Whilst your health improving is the most important factor in giving up smoking, probably the second biggest thing you’ll notice a drastic improvement on is your bank balance when you quit smoking and start vaping!

The cost of smoking is absolutely absurd these days, with the cost averaging anywhere from £50-100 A WEEK for cigarette smokers.

This depends on what cigarettes are smoked, either tailor made cigarettes which averages out at around £12 a packet or hand rolled cigarettes which average cost is around £20 per pouch of tobacco.

Obviously how much a person smokes will dictate how much they spend, but if you were a 20 a day smoker, you’ll be looking at the higher end of the average cost scale that’s for sure.

The cost of Vaping is a fraction of the cost of smoking, and you will instantly save money in a matter of days when you make the change.

Your initial outlay costs when you’re first getting started will always be the most expensive, as you’ll have to buy your vape kit, spare coils and vape juice to get your started on the right track, but once you have a device, you’ll only be needing to put money out on replacement coils and vape juice as your only maintenance costs.

Coils will tend to last around 1-2 weeks depending on how much you use your vape, and cost around £2-3 a coil. And if you buy your juice from us here at 2X Vape, it’ll cost you £2.95 per 10ml bottle which should last you around 3 days.

This is because of our patented WholeNic Nicotine salt being used in all of our flavours which is specially designed to curb cravings and provide a satisfying vaping experience.

So putting out under £10 a week on your Vaping supplies is considerably cheaper than the potential £100 you were previously putting out to smoke cigarettes. I weren’t lying when I said your bank balance will improve!


You can begin overcoming your nicotine dependency

Using an e-cigarette is obviously crucial to help you when you quit smoking, because it aids in supply of nicotine to help curb cravings and give you the nicotine you’ve found yourself dependant on, but did you realise that E-Cigarettes can also help you overcome this dependency?

When you start out Vaping, you’ll want to be using the right nicotine strength vape juice based on how many cigarettes you’d previously smoked in an average day. This is to ensure your cravings are kept at bay so you don’t revert back to smoking to get the nicotine you desire.

You have the flexibility with vape juice to be able to go up in strength, but more importantly, go down in strength also, so you can start dwindling down the amount of nicotine you’re taking in.

Doing this is a huge positive step in the right direction to being able to kick your nicotine dependency to the curb. Take me for example, when I first started vaping 7 years ago, I was a light/medium smoker of about 10-15 cigarettes a day (depending on what the day was like!) and when I made the switch to vaping, I was advised to use 12mg nicotine strength vape juice.

This worked instantly for me, and I started smoking less, and after maybe a couple of weeks, I’d completely stopped.

After a couple of months, I decided to try a 6mg nicotine strength and it worked! And now way further down the line, I stick to that strength, I do use the 20mg Nic salts also from time to time if I fancy it, or I use a 3mg in my bigger sub ohm vape device. Proof that it works right there folks!


Hopefully this article has shown how much of a positive effect Vaping can have on people’s lives, enriching their health, bank balance as well as aiding in curbing addiction and dependencies on nicotine.

If you’re hesitant on making the switch, contact your local GP who can refer you to a Stop Smoking service in your area, where you can get help, advice and support from trained professionals in the field of helping people stop smoking. They are such good services and all free of charge!