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Where Are Disposable Vapes Made?

The large majority of all Disposable Vape devices are manufactured and exported from China. There are multiple factories which house the big names within the Disposable Vape sector, but there are also many many counterfeit factories producing clones of genuine products also

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last For?

This all comes down to how much you use a Disposable which determines the life span of it. If you consistently used it through the day, chances are it will only last you for one day. The Disposable device will stop working once the E-Liquid has been all used or the battery runs flat.

What Vape Juice Is Used In Disposable Vapes?

The vape juice used in Disposable Vapes is Nic Salts. And with Disposables being produced in China, this means that the vape juice used in them is also made in China, and they do not have any regulations in place for their vape juice like what we have here in the UK for consumer safety

Are Disposable Vapes More Addictive?

No, they are not more addictive at all! Nicotine itself is a highly addictive chemical, and people can become addicted and dependant on it, regardless of what form it is in. Whether it's from a cigarette or e-liquid, it's all the same! Nic Salts are not more addictive than standard Freebase E-Liquid

Are Disposable Vapes A Cheap Way To Vape?

In reality, no Disposable Vapes are not a cheap way to vape. Disposables retail around £6 per device, and each device has normally around 2ml of vape juice in, sometimes less. So you're paying £6 for 2ml of Vape Juice, when you could pay less than half that price and get 10ml of Premium UK made Vape Juice from 2X!

Can Disposable Vapes Be Recycled?

Despite them being made out of plastic, Disposable Vapes cannot be recycled . This is because they contain a lithium-ion battery which is what is used to power the device. And due to this, they cannot be recycled as they carry a risk of combustion. Meaning over 3 million are being dumped in landfill every month!