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What is Nicotine Salt? 

Nicotine Salt is the form of Nicotine used in vape juice. The Nicotine Salt is created by adding a weak acid to neutralise the pH levels found in Nicotine, making it less harsh on the throat, and allows users to use a higher strength Nicotine level vape juice without it being too much

Why use Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salt is a preferred option of vape juice amongst many vapers, and for good reasons. Nicotine Salt is faster absorbed into the blood stream than traditional freebase nicotine vape juice, which gives the user more of an instant Nicotine hit.

What strength should I use?

10mg Nicotine strength would be suited for someone who was a relatively light smoker and doesn't require alot of nicotine. 20mg Nicotine strength would be suited for someone who was a heavier smoker and likes a strong nicotine hit when vaping.

What device is best for Nic Salts?

We would recommend using a Pod System as your vaping device for Nicotine Salts. This will give a "mouth to lung" style vaping experience reminiscent of smoking a cigarette. Pod Systems are usual low power also so won't be too much to vape.

2X Vape Juice - Fully TPD Compliant

All of our 2X Vape Juices are fully TPD compliant. We ensure that all necessary testing and compliance checks are complete before our products are released for sale to you our customers. This is something we deem as essential and will never cut corners on.

Will 2X Vape Juice help me quit smoking?

Absolutely 2X Vape Juice will help, especially with the feature of our WholeNic Nicotine Salt. WholeNic features the full spectrum of Nicotine Alkaloids in the same quantaties found in tobacco. Just without all of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes!