Nic Salts to try after using Disposable vapes

2X Premium Nic Salt Vape Juice

Trying Nic Salts after using Disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are currently the “in thing” within the Vaping world. The amount of people using these devices has shot up considerably in the last 12 months with popularity reaching an all time high. The mouth-watering flavour profiles of them are a huge selling point, and the convenience factor of them being a “grab and go” style vape is also a key point, but they have their downsides. They’re not the cheapest way to vape, costing around £5 a device and only having 1.3ml of juice inside it before it runs out.

At 2X Vape, our aim was to solve this problem and make vaping more affordable for everyone, whilst still getting a flavoursome vaping experience.


Buy Disposable Vape flavours from 2X

We’ve been in the vaping industry and flavour creation for over 10 years and have always kept a close watch on things when it comes to vaping trends.

We couldn’t avoid seeing the huge rise in popularity of Disposable Vapes, with the market being inundated with them. But we also soon took notice of them not being a cost-effective way to vape as mentioned above. They only contain 1.3ml of juice in an average Disposable, which means you’re not getting a lot for your money. And we wanted to solve this problem by making vape juice just as delectable in flavour but cheap in price to make it affordable for everyone.

Drawing inspiration from the Disposable market

When creating our range of 2X Vape juice, we wanted to try and create the most flavoursome, mouth watering flavours possible so we took inspiration from the top trending flavours on the Disposable market, and put our own spin on them to create our range.

Whilst our range may not be as extensive as some, our flavour house has created some of the best tasting vape juice we’ve ever tried, and partnered it with our patented WholeNic nicotine salt, to not only make it a tasty vape, but an extremely satisfying one also.

2x blue raspberry fizz

Blue Raspberry Fizz

Blue Raspberry Fizz is a delicious sweet blue raspberry flavour with a fizzy after taste which our flavour creators have worked hard to make a unique flavour experience!

2x watermelon ice

Watermelon Ice

If you like a cool or icy vape, our Watermelon Ice flavour is one of the most popular. A sweet candied Watermelon flavour with a nice icy kick as an accompaniment!

2x sweet mint

Sweet Mint

We’ve also kept all the mint/menthol lovers in our mind too when making our flavours with our Sweet Mint flavour giving you a classic mint taste, alongside a sweet kick!

Alongside these three flavours, we also have Strawberry Sweet, Blueberry Cool and Sour Green Apple

These six flavours are what make up the full 2X Vape Juice range, you can buy all six in our bundle deal and save yourself some money by clicking HERE


What is WholeNic?

As mentioned, we’ve partnered our flavours with our patented WholeNic Nicotine Salt, which is the perfect combination to give a flavoursome, satisfying vape.

WholeNic® is a special form of nicotine that contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids found in tobacco, but without any of the nasty chemicals. WholeNic® provides everything in tobacco that gives smokers pleasure, providing a improved vape experience!

This is what makes our vape juices stand out from the others, as not only have we created a range of vape juices that are an affordable option when compared to Disposable vapes, but also features a unique form of Nicotine not seen in any other ranges of vape juice or disposables vapes!