Moving Away From Using Disposables To A Pod Device

Moving From Using Disposable Vapes to Pod Systems

Disposable Vapes have seen an absolutely unrivalled boom in popularity over the course of the last 12-18 months, pretty much coming out of nowhere with only a few retailers selling limited varieties of Disposables, whereas now there’s an absolute abundance of brands and flavours to choose from, with some stockists running out of space on where to display the sheer volume of Disposables that they have on offer.

Curiosity is one of the main drivers for the sales of Disposables rising so much, with many people curious to try them and see what all the fuss is about especially people who are smokers looking to quit and want to see if vaping is for them before investing in a proper vaping set up.

People can get stuck on using Disposables though, due to the sweet flavours and convenience, but they really are not a cheap way to vape nor are they sustainable to the environment due to the fact they cannot be recycled despite them being made out of plastic.

In this article, I’m going to look at how and why people use Disposables, and give some advice on how to move on from using Disposables to using something like a Pod System and how this is a much more cost effective and sustainable way to vape.

Selection of Disposable Vapes

Disposables Vapes – The Benefits

If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you will know I am not a massive fan of Disposable Vapes. But despite my dislike to them, there is no denying that using Disposables do actually have some benefits which I’ll discuss below.

Good For Smokers Who Are Wanting To Try Vaping – Disposable Vapes offer an easy way into trying vaping for someone who is wanting to give it a try before fully committing to buying an all singing all dancing vaping device. They’re essentially ready to go straight from the packet and you don’t have to worry about fitting or changing coils, or filling it up with vape juice. This gives smokers an opportunity to try vaping to see if it works for them at a relatively cheap price.

No Mess, No Fuss – As mentioned above, these devices are all ready to go when you take it out of the packet, and don’t have to change coils or keep the vape juice levels topped up either. Some people will be put off of the idea of Vaping for the reason that they don’t want to change coils or keep topping their device up.

Disposables are self contained sealed units with the coil and vape juice already inside the device, meaning all the work is already done, and there’s no fuss or mess involved when it comes to using Disposables.

Cheaper Than Smoking – The current price of cigarettes is the highest it’s ever been here in the UK, with a pack of 20 cigarettes costing over £12 a packet now! Disposable Vapes tend to retail anywhere between £5 to £6 per device, meaning this is less than half the price of a packet of cigarettes, and can also last longer than what 20 cigarettes does as well.

elf bar disposable vape discarded on street.

Disposable Vapes – The Negatives

Of course, with anything that has a positive, chances are there will be a negative to come along side it, and Disposables are not any different. I’ll explain below;

Not Cost Effective – I’ve mentioned about Disposables not being a cost effective way to vape, and I’ll elaborate on this. Whilst Disposables are cheaper than cigarettes which I mentioned in my final point listed above, continuous use of Disposables can make them not so cost effective. If you’re using a Disposable every day, that’s £6 a day you’re spending, £42 a week and over £160 a month just on Disposables. Vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking regardless of what you use, but using just Disposables can result in it being not so many saving.

Disposables Are Causing Harm To The Environment – Despite Disposables being made from plastic, they are classed as single use plastics and cannot be recycled. The reason for this is because they contain a small lithium ion battery within the contained unit, and this in turn eliminates them from being recyclable because if these devices were put under pressure within the recycling plant machinery, there’s a high risk of combustion and explosion happening.

Therefore these devices have to go into the general waste, and because of this, they are being dumped into landfills with an estimated 1 million Disposables going in every week. Plastic can take up to 200 years to fully degrade, so that’s a high volume of plastic lurking around and it doesn’t seem that it’s going to be reducing any time soon unfortunately.

Not A Versatile Vaping Experience – Whilst Disposables are a good “entry level” vape for people wanting to try them, they’re pretty cornered when it comes to being a versatile vaping experience. Because what you see is what you get with them, there’s no different nicotine strengths available like what there is with 10ml bottles of E-Liquid, no changing the flavour if you don’t like it and certainly no variable wattage. This makes them pretty one dimensional and not offer a “proper” vaping experience like what a device can do.


Moving On From Disposables

So we come on to the main part of this article to discuss how you would go about moving on from using Disposables to something like a Pod System, and making the change which is considerably easier than what you may expect.

The reason that I pick Pod System as the specific device to use is because they replicate the same vaping experience you get from using a Disposable, and they’re a pretty fool proof device to use as well, with limited upkeep which some people will be looking for after not having to do any upkeep using a Disposable.

Picking The Right Device

You can buy Pod Systems that even replicate Disposable Vapes now as well. Elf Bar do their own refillable pod system that is designed like an actual Elf Bar, but this device can be refilled as well as recharged which is different to a standard Disposable. As well as these, there are also Pod Systems that are still classed as “Disposable” but you can refill and recharge them a specific amount of times before then disposing of them.

If you got a Pod System that had the option of variable wattage, this really is something that will take you to the next level of vaping, but don’t be afraid of it. The general wattage output of Disposables is around 8-10w which is because of the battery being small and not being able to deliver a stronger hit. If you get a variable wattage device, you can pick a wattage setting that suits you best for what you’re wanting to achieve, for example using your device on a higher wattage will deliver a stronger nicotine kick, which in turn could lower down the amount you’re using your vape as you’re getting enough nicotine to satisfy your cravings.

Bottles of Vape Juice Saves You ALOT Of Money

One of the main attractions when it comes to using Disposables is the fact that there are so many flavour options available to choose from, with the vast majority of them being rich and mouth watering fruit flavours, as well as confectionary and drinks inspired flavours as well.

But these flavours aren’t just limited to being found in Disposables, as there are brands out there that have created ranges of vape juice that’s just a delicious and mouth watering as the ones used in Disposables…a prime example would be our range of vape juice here at 2X Vape!

2X Vape Juice was created by taking inspiration from the flavours seen used in Disposables, and putting our own spin on them as well as partnering them with our patented WholeNic Nicotine to give you the most pleasurable vaping experience as possible.

Choosing to use 2X Vape Juice will save you a considerable amount of money as well, with each 10ml bottle only cost £2.95, this is nearly half the price of what a Disposable will cost, and in turn it gets you a 5x the amount of vape juice compared to the 2ml amount of vape juice what is in Disposable Vapes. Meaning you won’t be spending a fortune on Disposables anymore as a 10ml bottle of vape juice should last you a good few days at the very least.


I hope this article has been helpful for you if you are someone who is currently using Disposables but feel that you are stuck on them with no better option. Don’t ever feel like that, because the options are near endless for how you could move away from Disposables and still get the same experience. The be all and end all is that even if you are using Disposables, you’re not smoking therefore you’re enriching your life and lowering the risks to your body from what they would be if you continued to smoke.