Is there a better alternative to Disposables?

woman thinking about disposable or pod system vapes

There’s no denying that Disposable Vapes are probably the biggest thing to hit the Vaping Industry since the initial launch of the first E-Cigarette over two years ago, which coincidentally was a similar design “disposable” like E-Cigarette.

Every year, there seems to be trends and fads with Vaping, new devices being launched, older devices becoming popular again, but Disposable Vapes have held the throne for the last 12 months and likely will be holding it for quite some time yet.

People are turning to Disposables as their preferred device of choice when it comes to Vaping, but there are a fair amount of people that remain sceptical about them, believing there are better alternatives out there for vaping instead of using a Disposable. I’m going to weigh up the pros and cons of using Disposables in, and let you make your own mind up on if there’s a better alternative out there.

Why are Disposables so popular?

It’s the million-dollar question that is asked by vapers and non-vapers alike, and that is “why are Disposables, especially Elfbars so popular?” and there are several reasons why people like them. I’ll list them below.

Perfect for new vapers – To use one of these is really simple and straight forward, just take it out of the packaging, remove the rubber bung and it’s ready to go! Perfect for someone who’s new to vaping and isn’t sure on all the technical involved with vaping

No faffing about with coils – The device is an all in one contained unit, and doesn’t require the user to have to change a coil or anything, like a standard vaping device does

No mess with refilling – As mentioned the device is self-contained and sealed, and cannot be refilled, so it eliminates the hassle and chances of mess that comes with filling up a vape tank.

Flavours galore – Elfbar offer a seriously impressive range of flavours, with almost something for everyone. From the traditional rich tobacco flavour, to menthol, all the way up to Cotton Candy, they’ve nailed it with their impressive range of flavours.

And the above reasons do not just apply to Elfbars, it’s pretty much the same as all other major brands of Disposable Vapes, such as Geekbar, Lost Mary and Crystal Bar Disposables. All those reasons sound pretty good right? But you might be asking if they tick all those boxes, why are they unliked by many? Let’s take a look shall we…

Why some people don’t like Disposables

You might have read in my previous articles or seen on the news about Disposable Vapes with people expressing their concerns and dislike towards Disposables, and it is normally for various different reasons, which I’ll go through below.

Disposables aren’t the cheapest way to vape

Whilst they may be convenient to just “grab and go” Disposables aren’t really the cheapest way to vape, especially if you tend to vape quite frequently throughout the day.

The average cost of a Disposable is around £5 per device, and whilst this is less than half the average price of a pack of cigarettes, it still soon adds up if you’re managing to get through a Disposable a day. £35 a week just on Disposables isn’t the most cost-effective way to vape for sure!

They’re not a sustainable way to vape

You might not think of the bigger picture when you pick up a Disposable to use, or when you discard it after it’s finished with, but the reality is the sheer volume of single use plastic entering landfills each month due is reaching alarming levels, simply because Disposables that are finished with cannot be recycled.

The reason they can’t be recycled is down to the fact they contain a small lithium-ion battery inside which makes the device function. And if these were to be sent to a recycling centre, it can cause serious risk of combustion and harm to anyone nearby if they’re placed under pressure.

There’s been calls to manage this situation better by creating more awareness and offering more recycling options which I hope will not be far off from becoming a reality.

Counterfeit Disposable Vapes are being sold to unknowing customers

Like anything that becomes popular, counterfeiters and bootleggers see an opportunity to make a quick buck and will create counterfeit copies of original products which unknowing customers will buy and indirectly fund this crime underworld and sadly Disposable Vapes are not an exception to this.

I’ve written separate articles about Trading Standards Agencies in the UK clamping down on these being sold by raiding shops across the country on frequent basis, but still more are making their way through and being sold on the high streets.

counterfeit disposables seized

These Disposables are potentially dangerous as they’ve not been made by professionals, nor are they sold by retailers with vaping knowledge to give to people. Disposables featuring a 50mg nicotine content (which is 2.5 times the legal limit allowed according to TPD legislations) are being sold, and if a person has a sensitivity to nicotine, this could cause the person to become unwell.

Always buy your Disposables and any other vaping products you need from a trusted and dedicated vaping retailer either online or on the high street. Most Disposables will feature an authenticity checker which you can use on the manufacturer’s website.

What are the best alternatives to Disposables?

So we now get to the main question and topic of this article, with that being is there a “better” alternative to use instead of Disposables for vaping?

Like I’ve said, Disposables are a good option for people who may be new to vaping and want to experiment with it before taking the plunge and buying an actual refillable kit, or just a good backup option to grab if you find you’ve gone out without your bottle of vape juice, or your coil burns out. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience on those things happening.

But there are some alternatives out there for you to try if you’re looking to move away from Disposables.

Refillable Pod Systems

The best alternative to a Disposable would be using a device that is not only refillable, but also rechargeable and the best thing that fits this criteria is a Pod System.

Pod systems are very similar to Disposable Vapes on the basis they are small in design, perfect for using Nicotine salt vape juice in, which is the same vape juice what is used in Disposables, and they can be draw activated which is the same as what Disposables are.

The difference in these being they are fully rechargeable by USB, and also they can be refilled with the vape juice of your choice, so you’re not restricted to the same flavour throughout your vaping experience like what you would be if you had a Disposable.

Sure there is some maintenance involved, with refilling and changing coils, but the average life span of a coil is anywhere from 1-2 weeks and they normally only cost £2-3 a coil, which isn’t going to break the bank by putting that miniscule amount out once every 2 weeks.

2X Vape Juice

If you’re looking for a vape juice that is reminiscent of the flavours you’ve got accustomed to in Disposables, then look no further than our fantastic range of 2X Vape E-Liquid!

Our range of nicotine salt vape juices were created by our in house flavour experts, by drawing inspiration from the popular flavours of Disposables, and creating our own unique flavours combined with our patented Nicotine salt formula called WholeNic to make a range of vape juices that are the ideal alternative to a Disposable!

WholeNic is our specially designed Nicotine Salt formula that features the full spectrum of Alkaloids similar to that found in a cigarette to give you an authentic Nicotine hit without needing to light a cigarette!

For just £2.95, you will get a 10ml bottle of vape juice that is packed full of flavour, and packs a punchy nicotine kick as well! With 6 different flavours to choose from, you really won’t be disappointed once you try them! Shop our range by clicking the links below, and try them today!