Is it safe to use Nic Salts?


Nicotine salts , or Nic Salts as they’re more commonly known, are fast becoming peoples opted for vape juice of choice in today’s vaping world.

Whilst they’re still the new kid on the block compared to freebase nicotine vape juice, the popularity and choice is fast over shadowing it’s predecessor and for good reason.

In this article, I’ll explain what nic salts are, how they are made, the benefits of vaping nicotine salts and hopefully easing your mind on that nicotine salts are safe and good to use as your vape juice of choice.

What is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt is what is naturally formed and found within tobacco leaves. This is then extracted in its purest form from the leaf and blended with specific core ingredients to make nic salt vape juice.

The core ingredients spoken about above are a standard freebase nicotine base as well as a weak acid, normally Benzoic Acid. Without the addition of the Benzoic Acid, Nicotine salts would not be safe to vape as this balances out the pH levels which lets nicotine salts deliver a smooth, yet punchy nicotine kick .

Are Nicotine Salts better than Freebase nicotine vape juice?

This is a commonly asked question when Nic Salts are being discussed and the short answer is yes they are. I won’t be leaving it at that as I’ll explain in detail why this is true.

When Nicotine salt vape juice was created by the geniuses at PAX Labs, they also carried out experiments and studies to back up the product they had created.

The absorption rate of nicotine salts in to the bloodstream compared to freebase nicotine is much quicker which helps people wanting a quick fix of nicotine, and they’re also much smoother on the throat due to the Benzoic acid reducing the pH levels within the nicotine salt.

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The benefits of using Nic Salts

I’ll list some key points below of which I believe are the main benefits of using Nic Salts and why many vapers are picking it as their vape juice of choice and explain my reasoning behind them.

·       Faster Absorption rate – As mentioned above, Nicotine salts will be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream in roughly 6-7 seconds which is considerably faster than Freebase nicotine does. Anyone who is transitioning from being a frequent smoker will want a nicotine fix and quick so nic salts are ideal for this as the speed of absorption is as quick as what you get from cigarettes.

·       Longer shelf life – Due to the treatment with making Nicotine salts, they have been found to be more stable than standard vape juices, so this gives them a slightly longer shelf life.

·       Getting more for your money – Nic Salts can be more expensive than freebase nicotine vape juice, but with them giving such a good nicotine hit you’ll find yourself not vaping as frequently if you were using freebase vape juice, so your bottles of Nic Salts will go further and you’ll be spending less money!

·       A punchy nicotine kick, but without the harshness – Nic salts have been specifically designed to deliver a strong, punchy kick of nicotine to the user, but at all times being much smoother vape due to the addition of Benzoic acid. If you tried to vape 20mg of freebase nicotine vape juice, it would be very harsh and not be a pleasant vaping experience, so sticking with nicotine salts is definitely the way forward if you want a smoother vaping experience!

Is it safe to use Nic Salts in a sub ohm vaping device?

I really wouldn’t recommend vaping nic salts in a sub ohm device for a couple of reasons. Nicotine Salt vape juice is made with a 50-50 VG/PG ratio and running this type of “thin” vape juice through a sub ohm tank may cause the tank to leak to the juice out due to not being absorbed into the cotton properly, it may also cause spit back when you go to inhale and hot vape juice shot into your mouth is not a pleasurable experience!

The other major reason I wouldn’t recommend it is the nicotine levels in Nic salts are normally 10-20mg and these will be way too high to vape through a sub ohm device due to them being run at a high wattage to be able to function properly. If you did this, you may end up getting a bit “Nic-Sick” and feel lightheaded, nauseous and a bit dizzy.

If you’re unsure what device is good to use for Nicotine salts, you can read my article that helps you make that decision easier!

Nic Salts are ideal for Ex-Smokers

As I’ve spoken about already in this article, Nic Salts have a quick absorption rate similar to that of traditional cigarettes. So Nic Salts would be ideal for someone who is wanting to stop smoking and start vaping.  

The cost of cigarettes is ever increasing, and vaping is not only the safer option, but also the cheaper option too when you compare smoking to vaping! A 10ml bottle of vape juice from us at 2X cost only £2.95, which is a fraction of the price of a pack of cigarettes. And with Nicotine salt giving a much quicker, punchier hit of nicotine, you won’t need to vape as frequently to get your fix so a 10ml bottle will last you a while and cost you very little compared to the cost of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is safer than smoking in general

Whilst the topic at hand is nic salts being safe to vape, I just wanted to cover the topic of vaping in general being safer than smoking, regardless of the vape juice you use.

Public Health England declared in 2016 that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes and I fully believe this and always bring this up when the topic of safety is raised. And more people now than ever are opting to quit smoking and start vaping.

Smoking is the biggest cause of lung disease, heart disease and other diseases where as vaping has not been found to cause any of these problems.

Traditional cigarettes have over 700+ different ingredients in and burn up to 100+ different toxic chemicals when lit, where as vape juice has 4-5 core ingredients and doesn’t emit any chemicals when vapour is exhaled, so not only are nic salts safe to use, vaping is safer than smoking as a whole.


I hope this article has eased your mind on any doubts you may have had on Nic salts being safe to vape, as well as vaping being safe also.

If you’re wanting to try Nicotine salt vape juice to see what all the fuss is about, check out our range of mouth watering flavours made with our patented WholeNic Nic salt, available to purchase on the links below

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