Is 20mg Nicotine Salt A Lot?

is 20mg nicotine a lot

Nicotine Salt e liquid is becoming the most popular pick amongst vapers to use in their E-Cigarettes, and for good reason too! A quicker absorption rate, meaning cravings for nicotine are reduced. Richer flavour, and smooth on the throat.

But there does still remain a lot of questions around the subject of Nicotine Salt, especially the question in topic of this blog! I’m going to take a delve into the world of Nicotine Salts and explain everything you need to know about them, answer the burning question at hand and explain why you should consider switching to using Nicotine Salt if you aren’t already using them!

What Is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine that’s made using the same type of nicotine found in the tobacco plant. And it is then combined with a weak acid and the end product creates Nicotine Salts. The weak acid most commonly used is Benzoic Acid. Despite this being an acid, it is completely safe to use within vape juice!

Add in the flavour concentrate and voila! Nic Salt e-liquid is produced. A small number of ingredients with nothing hidden that’s been added in.

When you compare this to the 100+ different things that have been reported go into a single cigarette it is quite an eye opener if you didn’t already know!

nicotine and a cigarette

Is Nicotine Harmful?

This is probably the most common question that gets asked relating to the subject of Nicotine, and unfortunately the most common answer to this question that gets published and believed actually isn’t the correct answer.

Many people believe that Nicotine is one of the thousands of harmful chemicals produced in cigarette smoke, and also one of the toxic cancer causing chemicals as well. But this is so wrong, it’s unreal!

There has not been any proven evidence for Nicotine being the cause of any smoking related illnesses or diseases, especially cancer. Simply because nicotine is not deemed as harmful! Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and this is how people will become addicted to it from smoking, and that what they find the hardest thing to overcome, but it is something that can be done!

Just to back this up and prove it’s not me saying this, check out what Cancer Research UK has to say on the subject, and also if Nicotine was as harmful as what people make it out to be, why would doctors be willingly prescribing nicotine replacement therapy options to patients who are wanting to quit smoking?

Is 20mg Nicotine A Lot?

Right, we get to the question in title now and it’s a relatively simple and straight forward one to answer really!

20mg is the highest nicotine content that you can buy, so it may seem like it’s a lot being the highest, but it’s not considered a lot to someone if they’ve previously been a heavy smoker for example, as they would have been getting far more nicotine from cigarettes than what’s in 20mg nicotine salt vape juice!

20mg is a lot for someone who has a relatively low tolerance to nicotine, and wasn’t a “heavy” smoker before transitioning over to vaping. If this applies to you, you’ll want to use a mid strength nicotine vape juice, like a 10mg as the strength of 20mg may be a bit overwhelming for you.

T.P.D. Three letters you may have heard of if you’ve been in the vaping world for a while! They stand for the Tobacco Products Directive, and this is a set of regulations implemented by the Government back in 2016 here in England to regulate and bring the vaping market in line with the tobacco industry and have more of a regulation over things.

The regulations put a limit on the size of vape tanks, bottles of vape juice that contained nicotine and most importantly, lowered the maximum nicotine content permitted in vape juice. What was previously as high as 36mg being sold on shelves became a thing of the past, as the new legal limit for Nicotine was set at 20mg.

Some vapers vented their frustrations about this after previously using a higher nicotine content vape juice like 24mg for example, and this is what encouraged the boffins behind the vape juice scenes to rack their brains and see what they could do to push the boundaries and create something that gave a punchy nicotine hit whilst still remaining within regulations and compliant.

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Is 20mg Only Available In Nicotine Salts?

Yes, 20mg is only available in Nicotine Salt e-liquid.

The reason for this is because the weak acid that is used to mix in with the Nicotine actually neutralises the pH levels of the Nicotine, and makes it considerably less harsh on the throat, and gives a much smoother and pleasurable vaping experience.

If you were to use a 20mg Freebase Nicotine vape juice for example, it will likely be really harsh and sting your throat and won’t be enjoyable in the slightest, which is why it’s Nicotine Salt that is made with said 20mg nicotine strength.