2X Vape Nicotine salts can make quitting easier

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Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a person can do according to experts, especially if they have been smoking for a long time as the habit will not only be hard to break, but also the addiction and dependency on nicotine that will have been formed from smoking.

When people want to quit smoking, it’s always been advised to use some form of Nicotine replacement therapy to help them quit, so they still will get their nicotine fix, just without all of the harmful things that comes with smoking cigarettes.

In more recent times, a lot more people have started to use E-Cigarettes as their preferred method of NRT, with GPs and Stop Smoking services in England recommending them as the first port of call to people who are wanting to quit smoking which is great.

In this blog, I’m going to discuss why vaping is the best option for people wanting to quit, but primarily focus on why using nicotine salts and 2X Vape range of nicotine salts may make quitting the cigarettes even easier!

Why using Nicotine Replacement Therapy is important when giving up smoking

As mentioned, giving up smoking is not an easy task for anyone, and it primarily comes down to the fact that people will have formed an addiction and/or a dependency on the nicotine that is consumed when smoking a cigarette.

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, and an addiction can be formed very easily that can be hard to quit. However, it is not impossible to overcome this addiction when you quit smoking, and it’s always recommended to use some form of Nicotine replacement therapy rather than going the cold turkey method as this could cause unwanted problems.

The problems a person could encounter if they opted for the cold turkey is withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from low mood, anxiety, depression, and even affect a persons weight by either seeing a sudden gain or loss in weight.

This is why using NRT is crucial when you’re looking to quit smoking, as it will still provide the levels of nicotine that a person was accustomed to, just without the thousands of toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes. Using a form of NRT can also give a person the flexibility to slowly decrease their nicotine intake over time, with some people eventually quitting it completely thanks to the slower process of nicotine replacement therapy, rather than just stopping completely.

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Using E-Cigarettes is becoming the preferred method for NRT

Again as I’ve previously mentioned, more people than ever before are now opting to use an E-Cig as their preferred method of quitting smoking.

The number of current adult vapers in England is sitting at the highest it’s ever been recorded, with 4.3 million adults in the UK opting to switch to vaping and being current users of E-Cigarettes.

A fantastic number to read that has increased year on year (apart from 2020, where the number decreased slightly, but it’s believed the pandemic played a part in people turning back to smoking during the unknown times we all went through)

Public Health England have for years backed vaping, with them declaring it to be 95% safer than smoking and have recently reaffirmed this statement in a new publication.

Alongside this, GPs and Stop Smoking services are starting to recommend people to using E-Cigarettes as the first option in Nicotine Replacement Therapy, with some stop smoking services even offering people vouchers to exchange for starter kits in their local vaping shops to get them set up and on the right track.

This is so good to see as it negates all the bad press that Vaping seems to undeservedly get by having medical professionals and governing bodies by being public advocates of vaping.

Using an e-cigarette to quit smoking is good because it is the closest replicant to smoking without having to smoke. Other than enjoying the nicotine hit from a cigarette, people do enjoy smoking for various other reasons, such as the throat hit, something to have in their hands, or exhaling and blowing the smoke out.

People can get all of this from using an e-cigarette, because it is effectively an electronic cigarette, that is less harmful than smoking and without the 5000+ chemicals that are emitted from a lit cigarette.

Why using Nic Salts is beneficial when quitting smoking

When trying to quit smoking and start vaping, picking the right nicotine level vape juice is crucial so that you still get enough nicotine to satisfy your cravings without the urge to relapse and go back to smoking.

Some people will opt to use a Freebase Nicotine vape juice, which there is nothing wrong with doing as these ranges have various nicotine levels that are available, and it is the OG vape juice that’s been around since the creating of the vaping industry. But the new kid on the block has arrived and is knocking Freebase off its pedestal, and that new kid is Nicotine Salts.

Nicotine Salt e-liquid is quite different compared to Freebase nicotine, starting with the way they are produced. When Nicotine salts are made, the nicotine in tobacco leaves is extracted and usually paired with a weak acid, like Benzoic acid, to equalize the pH of freebase nicotine and making it a lot smoother to vape.

Therefore, high nicotine strengths like 20mg nicotine strength are made and sold because it’s smooth and not harsh on the throat, unlike what 18mg of standard Freebase nicotine may be.

The absorption rate of nicotine salts is a lot quicker than that of Freebase nicotine e-liquids. Studies have shown that after taking a vape of salt nicotine, the nicotine is absorbed in the blood stream in roughly 8 seconds, meaning you will get a hit of nicotine like that of smoking a cigarette rather than waiting nearly double that amount of time to feel anything from Freebase nicotine vape juice.

Therefore, vaping nicotine salt vape juice when quitting is defiantly the best option to consider when picking your vape juice as well as choosing the right nicotine strength for you.

Delivering high nicotine content at a faster absorption rate, a smooth inhale that still gives a punchy throat hit, and you can use either a higher or lower strength depending on how much you smoked. But, there’s an even better option to consider and what is it? Using 2X Nicotine salts as your vape juice. Let me explain why…

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2X Vape juice features our patented WholeNic Nicotine salt

When we created our range of nicotine salt e-liquids, we wanted to create not only amazing flavours, but something that stood out from the crowd, and we’ve done exactly this by using our patented WholeNic nicotine salt in every bottle we make.

WholeNic has been designed to replicate the complex mixture of pleasurable components found in cigarette smoking, just without any of the harmful compounds like tar and carcinogens that are found in cigarettes.

WholeNic contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids that are found in tobacco in the exact same proportions as a cigarette has to recreate the feeling of smoking with every single vape you have. This will give you the same levels of pleasure as what smoking did, just without all of the harmful stuff that normally tags along with a cigarette!

And this is why choosing 2X Vape as your vape juice of choice when you start your vaping journey and quit smoking cigarettes will help make that transition a lot easier. Not only will you enjoy the advantages of nicotine salts, you’ll also be able to experience the amazing flavours that we have created ourselves, and have a satisfying vaping experience every single time!