How To Use A Vape

how to use a vape

Currently, there’s more people than ever opting to use E-Cigarettes as their smoking cessation, and kicking their smoking habit to the curb for good! To give a number, there’s currently over 4 million active adult users of E-Cigarettes according to the latest statistics.

This is so good to see as people are starting to trust and believe in Vaping being the best thing for quitting smoking, and it’s getting proven with science based evidence as well, to add that extra layer of reassurance for people.

So you may be reading this wanting to get involved and join the millions of people making the switch, but may be unsure on how to use a vape properly, but fear not because this blog is going to teach you everything that you need to know and break it down so you’ll be a fountain of knowledge by the end of it!

ecigarette and cigarettes in someones hand

Why Should I Use A Vape?

If you’re a smoker that’s looking to quit smoking, then good on you! However, you’re taking on one of the hardest tasks that a person can do, but it’s not impossible to do and many people do achieve it, but what is absolutely essential that you’ll need to utilise is a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is exactly what it says, an alternative nicotine delivery system that will still give you nicotine what you’ve previously been used to getting from smoking cigarettes. This is because Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, and once this addiction sets in, it’s pretty set in and can be tricky to over come, unless of course, you know what to do to help beat this addiction!

It’s far from recommended for a person to just simply quit smoking and nicotine all together and take the “cold turkey” approach to it. Simply because, like with any addiction, your body to something and then for it to suddenly stop getting it would lead to withdrawals setting in, and these really aren’t pleasant. They can range from mild to severe and include headaches, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, increased appetite and so on. In an ideal scenario, you’ll want to avoid these at all costs and it can be done by opting in to use a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy!

E-Cigarettes have been proven to be the most effective form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy in recent studies. The study collated data from people who used E-Cigarettes with nicotine containing vape juice, E-Cigarettes with nicotine free vape juice, and more traditional forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy such as nicotine patches, or gums & sprays. And unsurprisingly, it was the people who used E-Cigarettes both with AND without nicotine that had the most success and continued to stop smoking after 6 months.

So that should explain why you should use a vape, especially if you’re looking at quitting smoking and being successful at it! Of course, it goes without saying, only use a vape with nicotine in if you’ve previously smoked. Because if you haven’t, it’s super counter productive to be forming a nicotine addiction when there’s no need for it really!

girl vaping sub ohm device

How To Use A Vape

Right, let’s get down to business and discuss the reason why you’re here and the topic of this blog! It’s actually not as hard as it may look to use a vape, but there’s a few crucial things that you have to ensure you get right so that you’ll be able to get the full effects of using your vape!

Charge It Correctly And Keep It Charged!

Pretty important this one! Due to the fact that all vapes are electronic, hence the name electronic cigarette, they run on a battery, and it’s sadly not an everlasting one and you’ll need to keep it regularly charged if you’re going to want to keep on vaping!

Different devices will have different battery sizes, and this will determine how long the charge will last for. Some will last a whole day, whilst some will get you half way through before needing a charge. Basically, the smaller the device, the smaller the battery so bare that in mind when picking one that you want to use!

As with most things today, they normally have USB-C ports and you’ll normally get a charging cable in the box as well which it’s essential you use this as it’s designed specifically to charge your vape! It’s absolutely crucial that you do not plug this cable into something like a phone charging plug either, as they are designed to “fast charge” mobile phones which have a much bigger battery capacity, and if you did then you run the risk of killing the battery cells in your vape as soon as you get it.

Always give you vape a full charge, and pay attention to the battery indicator that most vapes have on them. Normally it’s an LED light that will change different colours based on how much battery is left. Some devices have a “bypass” feature which means you can use it whilst it’s charging, but I would suggest leaving it alone to properly charge.

filling up vape tank with vape juice

Filling Your Vape Tank/Pod

Obviously, if you have no vape juice, you’ve got nothing to vape, so knowing how to fill your tank or pod up is pretty important which is what I’m going to explain now!

If you opt for a pod system vape device, then you’ll have pods to fill up rather than tanks. But filling a tank or a pod is pretty similar. Pods normally have a little rubber stopper/bung which you can just flick back, and reveal an opening big enough to put the tip of your vape juice bottle in. Gentle squeeze your vape juice bottle and fill it to the minimum amount as indicated on the pod and you’re good to go!

Where as tanks will have different openings, normally a screw off cap, or a twist cap option that reveals the opening where you can put your juice into your tank.

It’s really important to keep your vape juice levels at the minimum that is indicated, this is to ensure that your coil remains saturated enough and won’t dry burn, as getting a dry hit is the worst tasting thing when it comes to vaping! Speaking of which…

burnt out coil

Prime Your Coils!

This is arguably the most important thing to make sure you do, and also the biggest thing people fail to do and wonder why their vape isn’t tasting right!

When you first get your vape device, and also whenever you change your coil or pod to a fresh new one, it’s absolutely imperative that you let the vape juice properly soak into the cotton of the coil before using it! This is called “priming the coil”

Reason being, if the cotton is not properly saturated with vape juice, you’re just going to dry burn it, and destroy the cotton and there’s no getting it back once that happens, so you’ll need to be forking out for a new coil before you even get started!

My personal advice is leave it for at least 5 minutes, if not 10 minutes to ensure that the coil cotton is properly saturated and the juice is absorbed right, and then you’ll be well on the way!

Man Exhaling Vapour from E-Cigarette

How To Inhale A Vape

Right, so by now you should have a fully charged vape, topped up with vape juice and you’ve let your coil sit to absorb the juice for at least 10 minutes…if that’s a yes to all of that then now it’s time to actually use it!

If you’re moving on from cigarettes, then using a vape should come pretty naturally, as it’s essentially the same as inhaling a cigarette, just without the thousands of chemicals that are harboured in cigarette smoke!

Vape devices “draw” functions do vary depending on which you get. Some are “draw activated” whilst some require a press and hold of the power button while you’re inhaling to get it fired up and working. Simply put your vape in your mouth, and take a smooth and gentle inhale, not short and sharp as you’ll likely make yourself cough, and if this persistently happens, then it’s just going to put you off and we don’t want that!

Breathe the vapour in, and let it hit the back of your throat, like what you used to feel from a cigarette as it’ll be the nicotine hitting the back of your throat, plus the PG which is used to make vape juice will give this effect also, it’s one of the biggest things people want to replicate when moving onto vaping.

Then it’s just a case of holding and exhaling and that is how you inhale a vape! Pretty simple and straight forward right? Just don’t over do it, don’t take loads of short and sharp puffs, as this won’t activate your coil properly and you’ll likely do more damage than good to it, and you might end up having a bit too much nicotine at one and end up feeling nic sick, again, not ideal!


And now we reach the end of this blog, and I hope it’s helped you understand things a bit more and you feel a bit more confident in knowing how to use a vape properly! Always refer back to this if you ever get stuck, and just follow the steps and it’ll ensure you have a happy and positive vaping experience!