How to save money by switching to Vaping

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How to Save Money by Switching to Vaping

As you and everyone in the UK knows, we are in the middle of a huge cost of living crisis, the biggest one we have ever had to face and deal with. People are trying anything and everything possible to save money on things like household bills, food shopping and other things.

I’m no money saving expert on the above, but what I can give some expert advice on is how to save yourself a shed load of money by switching to vaping if you are a smoker.

In this article, I’ll look in depth at the cost of smoking to the average person and compare it with the cost of vaping and we can look at just how you can save money and how much if you opted to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

How much does it cost to smoke?

In today’s world, smoking is one of the most expensive habits to have and keep up due to the ever-rising price of cigarettes and tobacco.

A pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK today will cost between £10 to £13 per pack, the highest price they have ever been. Prices are increasing year on year with budget announcements.

Hand rolling tobacco has always been seen as the cheaper way to smoke, because a pouch of tobacco lasts longer than a pack of cigarettes. However, prices are now ranging from £21 to £26 per 50g pouch! This is the highest price it has ever been, and it does not seem like it will go down anytime soon.

How much will you spend in a year on cigarettes?

Now comes the time for a quick bit of maths to work out the answer to the above question!

Let’s say for example, a person smokes a pack of 20 cigarettes a day, and we’ll go for in the middle of the price range of the price of cigarettes for this example with the cigarettes costing £11.50 a pack.

£11.50 x 365 (Days of the year) = £4197.50

Positively eye watering seeing that number written down in front of you isn’t it! Of course, there are cheaper cigarettes on the market, or you might be a hand rolled cigarette smoker which means your costs will be slightly less but still likely an absurdly high number when it’s compared to what the cost of vaping will cost you a year.

How much does vaping cost?

To be straight to the point, Vaping is cheaper than smoking. ALOT cheaper than smoking! And opting to switch from smoking cigarettes to using an e-cigarette will not only enrich you with health benefits, it will also enrich your bank balance too as you won’t be spending a fortune on cigarettes and you’ll be able to save money from the word go basically.

A lot of vaping shops will offer a “Starter Kit” which is designed for anyone looking at starting to vape to save money on buying everything you need, this will normally consist of a vaping device, like a vape pen or pod system, and 3 bottles of vape juice which will cost anywhere from £20-30 depending on what the vape shop are offering at the time. That’s the same price as 3 packs of cigarettes and will last you longer than 3 days that the cigarettes normally would last!

The upfront cost of vaping will always be the most expensive part with having to buy the device itself, but it’s a very small price to pay when you are used to spending upwards of £50 a week on cigarettes, so it’s quite clear to see just how quick you will be able to save money.

What other costs are involved in vaping?

After the initial out lay of getting set up with your vape, the other costs to vaping are very minimal, and I’ll explain what you need below:

Coils – These are the heartbeat of any vaping device, and you’ll need to change your coil every 1-2 weeks. You normally get two coils with your vape when you buy it, and then after you’ve used those included, you’ll want to grab yourself a pack of coils from your local vape shop. These normally come in packs of 5 and range from £10-£12 per pack of five. So that’s the same price as a pack of cigarettes that would normally last someone a day, for 5 coils which will last for up to 10 weeks!

Vape Juice – An obvious cost as you can’t just vape thin air! (Well, you can put what’s the point hey)

Ordering your juice from us at 2X will cost you £2.95 for a 10ml bottle of premium Nic salt vape juice, and it all depends on how much you use your vape to how much vape juice you will use. I’d say you should realistically use 2 bottles of vape juice a week if you’re a heavy smoker converting to vaping as you’ll want your nicotine fix. This still only equals less than £6 a week on vape juice, half the price of a packet of cigarettes!

What about risks from nicotine?

Nicotine isn’t a risk at all, regardless of if you smoke or vape.

The risks come from the 7000+ chemicals found in cigarettes when they are lit and burnt. Nicotine is not a harmful substance, but it is highly addictive.

To conclude, vaping is much cheaper than smoking, as well as being much healthier and safer for you than smoking. I hope this article has answered any questions you may have had, and you can now start getting on the road to quit smoking for good!