How to safely charge your Vape


Charging your vape and vape batteries in the correct way is crucial for not only the longevity of your batteries, but also for the safety of you and others around you.

In this article, I’ll talk about how to correctly charge your vape device, what to use if you have external batteries, and how to spot if its time to change your batteries if they’re getting wear and tear.

Use the correct lead and plug

The most important rule when it comes to charging your vape is ensuring you are using the lead that came in the box with your vape, and if using a wall charger, using the correct wall charger to avoid any danger.

You should never use a phone charging plug like an iPhone or Samsung plug, as these are fast charge plugs, designed to charge your mobile phone at a fast rate and far too much for your little vape battery to handle.

This could lead to your vape device over charging and killing the cells of the battery inside so it won’t last as long, and also probably make your vape rather hot to touch due to the speed of which the battery is getting charged and running the risk of overheating.

Plugging your vape into something like a laptop, pc or games console is most recommended to charge it up. Try avoid using it whilst its on charge also, some vapes feature a “bypass” feature, where you can use it whilst on charge, but this is something I wouldn’t recommend.

Don’t leave it on charge overnight!

The second biggest thing I’ve told my customers in the past and anyone I give vaping advice to, is never leave your vape device on charge overnight.

The safety factor obviously weighs a huge part here, in that it runs the risk of overcharging and overheating and you wouldn’t know while you’re fast asleep in the land of nod. And also it will constantly use your electricity charging, and we all know in this current climate, electricity bills are not cheap these days!

Pay attention to the colours

Most vapes have a LED light indicator on them to signal when your vape is needing some charge, going from green to red, and when on charge goes from red to green. The lights are sometimes different on different devices, but they do correlate to the amount of life in your battery.

Always wait until you see the light change to green or go out completely when your vape is on charge and you will then know it is at the correct level for you to unplug and vape.

How to charge your external batteries

External batteries are a bit different to charging a standard vape with an internal battery and I’ll explain why.

External batteries have to be charged up in a separate charger, specific for charging whichever size batteries you’re using. This is because they need a lot more power to be able to fully charge and function inside your vape.

It is essential to leave these batteries until they are fully charged which your charger will indicate as and when. It’s not recommended to charge your batteries while they’re in your mod via the usb port as this will not give them a true full charge like a charger would.

Battery Safety 101

It’s imperative to keep your batteries in good condition, and ensure you check them regularly for any nicks or tears in the outer sleeve.

If your batteries become damaged in anyway, recycle them and buy new ones as it is just not worth the potential risk they could have if used in a vape.

And if you venture out in to the big wide world of mechanical/unregulated mods, it is essential you know your battery safety like the back of your hand and only use batteries that are in pristine condition and are clear from any hazards.

I hope this article has helped answer any questions or queries on battery safety and how to charge your vape properly!