How To Lower Your Vape Juice Nicotine Strength

how to lower your vape juice nicotine strength

If you’re looking to quit smoking, and want to use an E-Cigarette as your preferred method of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, then you’re making a very wise choice! The very same choice that many others are also doing here in the UK, with the number of adult vapers in the UK currently sitting at the highest number it’s ever been which is great to see.

The ideology surrounding the use of E-Cigarettes is that people will use them as a way to quit smoking, and eventually then quit using E-Cigarettes as well, as they are effectively a “quitting tool” One of the main advantages of using an E-Cigarette is being able to use vape juice that has varying levels of nicotine strengths dependent on your needs.

In this blog, I’m going to look at the steps you can take to lower down your nicotine strength in the vape juice you use, which will indicate a sign of you overcoming your addiction to nicotine as it will not be as intense as it first was when you started vaping.

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Quitting Smoking And Starting Vaping

It’s said that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things that a person can choose to do in their lifetime. When a person smokes, they will become addicted to Nicotine relatively quickly due to Nicotine being a highly addictive chemical. (Contrary to popular belief it is not harmful!)

This is why it’s recommended that some form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy is used to help make this transition as easy as possible. The reason being is that if you opted to go “cold turkey” and just outright quit smoking and taking in Nicotine, your body will go into withdrawals from the lack of Nicotine, as it would not be getting what it was previously used to. And trust me, these are not pleasant to experience by the sounds of it!

“Traditional” forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy have been around for the longest time, and are prescribed to people who may visit their GP seeking help to quit smoking. These range from Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Gum, Nicotine Sprays and Nicotine Lozenges and also there’s tablets available which can help but these do not actually contain Nicotine and act in a different way.

However, the newest and seemingly more popular form of NRT that people are starting to use as a preferred method is the E-Cigarette! These are not available on prescription from GPs, but GP’s and Stop Smoking services have started heavily backing the use of E-Cigarettes to people who are looking to quit smoking which is great to see!

So you’ve made the choice to quit smoking and start vaping, brilliant! Now comes another pretty important decision…

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Picking The Right Nicotine Strength Vape Juice

This is what I would say is the most important decision you need to make when starting out on your vaping journey and that’s picking the right nicotine strength in your vape juice.

I say this is important, because this will basically make or break your success when it comes to quitting smoking and turning to use E-Cigarettes. Vape juice comes in varying different nicotine strengths, and all of them cater to specific people and their nicotine needs basically.

If you were a light smoker, of say 10 cigarettes a day, this will indicate that your needs for nicotine will not be too high, therefore you aren’t going to need to be using a high nicotine strength vape juice. You could benefit from using something like a 10mg Nicotine Salt vape juice, or a 6mg Freebase Nicotine vape juice.

Whereas if you were more on the heavier side of smoking, of up to or more than 20 cigarettes a day, then chances are you’ve likely formed quite an addiction to Nicotine and may be fairly dependant on it, so you’re going to need the higher nicotine strength vape juices available, like a 20mg Nicotine Salt or 12-18mg Freebase Nicotine.

And the grand idea when it comes to Vaping, is that E-Cigarettes are a quitting tool, and that not only means to quit smoking, but to also quit Nicotine. And one of the big benefits of using vape juice is that you can gradually start lowering down your nicotine strength that you’re using over gradual periods of time, before eventually you’ll notice you’re practically nicotine free and the addiction has been beaten!

You might be worried about doing this, or feel it an impossible task, but this is something that can be done gradually at your own pace, nobody else’s! I’m going to give you some of my top tips on how you can achieve this goal of lowering down your nicotine strength in your vape juice to become less nicotine dependant than when you started!

How To Lower Down Your Nicotine Strength

I cannot stress enough that this is something that has no time frame on it so don’t feel pressured from the start that you have to actually do this from the word go, as you really don’t. Some people will stay on the same nicotine strength from when they started and not actually lower it down. I’m still using a 6mg Freebase or a 20mg Nicotine strength in my vape juices and these are the same strengths I’ve been consistently using for the last couple of years with no issues.

#1 – Believe In Yourself That You Can Do It!

This is the number one thing that you must do when it comes to quitting smoking and overcoming your nicotine addiction is having faith and believing in yourself that you can actually do it!

Unfortunately, there aren’t any magic tablets or medicines that you can take to up your willpower or determination, and E-Cigarettes certainly are not a magic tool that will basically do all the work for you, you’ve got to pluck up a serious amount of determination to beat this battle and overcome your addiction to Nicotine and gradually start lowering down your nicotine strength.

Make the decision to quit smoking when the time is right for you, as you will be in the right headspace to give it your full focus!

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#2 – Always Have Spare Higher Strength Vape Juice At Hand

When you change your nicotine strength to a strength lower than what you’ve been using, you are definitely going to notice the difference as the Nicotine “hit” won’t be as strong, and maybe not as punchy as what you’ve been used to. But this is where you need to put mind over matter and ignore this fact it feels different and persevere.

But, I would always recommend having spare vape juice at hand, should you start to feel those cravings creeping in thick and fast because you’re not getting enough from your new lower strength vape juice. Always keep a bottle of your previous nicotine strength vape juice at hand, and flick between the two during this transition period to a lower strength.

You can even mix two different strengths together if you wanted to to make an “in the middle strength” meaning if you mixed a 20mg and 10mg nicotine strength nicotine salt vape juice, you won’t get 30mg which some people think you will, it actually dilutes the nicotine down so you’ll get 15mg hence the term I used being “in between”

#3 – Set Yourself Goal Dates

As I said at the start of this segment, there’s no pressure or specific time frame to actually lower your nicotine strength down, but something I suggest maybe trialling out is setting yourself goal dates to make the changes, obviously making them as realistic as possible for you to achieve.

Do it gradually and space the dates apart, maybe aiming to take your first step down after 3 months of starting to vape, but there’s also nothing wrong with making it a bit longer, maybe 6 months? It’s entirely up to you!

But don’t pressure yourself to make these changes, and don’t feel disheartened if you don’t feel quite ready when the proposed date you’ve set yourself comes, just move it back a bit and try hit it the second time round!

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2X Vape Juice Can Make Quitting Easier!

Every single bottle of 2X Vape Juice is made using our patented WholeNic Nicotine Salt formula, and this is the closest replicant to the feeling you get from smoking a cigarette without having to actually smoke one!

WholeNic has the full spectrum of tobacco alkaloids in cigarette-like proportions leaving the user satisfied and not craving more. Some of the features of our patented formula include;

  • WholeNic®  recreates the feeling of smoking.
  • WholeNic® is MHRA registered and exceeds all UK and EU safety standards.
  • WholeNic® contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids found in tobacco, in the same proportions as a cigarette, providing everything in tobacco that gives smokers pleasure.
  • WholeNic® contains zero TSNAs and zero carcinogens.

The reason why we made wanted to use this in our vape juices is to help make the process of quitting smoking easier, and that’s exactly what WholeNic does! So even if you started out on a 20mg and dropped down to a 10mg, you’ll still be getting maximum satisfaction and the cravings for nicotine should be subsided even though you are using a lower nicotine strength! Pretty clever stuff hey?