How to get the most flavour out of your vape juice

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If you’re anything like me, you not only vape to keep your nicotine cravings satisfied, but also vape because you enjoy the flavours of what vape juice it is you’ve got in your tank/pod. Having a good tasting vape juice is one of the most essential things to me for to ensure I have a good vaping experience.

Good flavour doesn’t just come down to what vape juice you pick though, as there are several other variables involved that can help maximise the flavour of your vape juice as well! And that’s what this blog is all about as I’m going to give you some of my top tips for getting optimal flavour from your vape juice!

vape mod wattage

The wattage of your device plays a crucial role

Making a small and simple change like changing the wattage/power on your device can really change the flavour of your e liquid, and for the best as well!

Every coil will have a designated wattage range, and this range will normally be etched onto the coil so you know exactly what to set your device to. Say for example it’s range is between 12-16w, the initial thought would be set it at 12w at the minimum range what is recommended. If you set it at this and take a couple of vapes, and it doesn’t quite taste as rich as you were hoping, then knock it up gradually, not exceeding the 16w limit range, and you will probably find your vape juice will be a lot more flavoursome at 16w than what it was at 12w!

It really is a small and simple change you need to make to enhance the flavour of your vape juice and should always be your first port of call if something doesn’t taste right. But be sure not to go over the recommended range, as this will likely burn your coil out as it’s working above the suggested wattage.

Airflow plays a big part as well

If you have a vaping device that has the ability to change the airflow on it, then getting the right amount of airflow is crucial to make the flavour of your vape juice much more richer than what it was.

The airflow really does play quite a big part in not only flavour, but also vapour production. If you have the airflow tightly closed (not fully closed as this will burn your coil out) then this will produce a warmer vape, with denser clouds and most importantly create a much richer flavour with every vape.

This does all come to trial and error to find the sweet spot for you that creates the optimal flavour thanks to the airflow. But be cautious of not closing the airflow off too much like I mentioned above, as this will create little to no cloud, nor flavour and just ruin your coil!

The VG/PG Ratio of your vape juice will alter the flavour

The two primary ingredients of vape juice are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, otherwise known as PG and VG. These are the two ingredients that form the base, before any flavour concentrates are added as well as the nicotine if it’s not nicotine free.

When you start vaping, chances are you’re an ex smoker, and you want something as close to a cigarette as possible without actually smoking one. So you’ll need a vape juice with a nicotine strength as close to what you were getting from smoking cigarettes, as well as something that will create a throat hit similar to what you get from smoking cigarettes. 50/50 Vape Juice is what most people will use when they start out, as it ticks all of the boxes for someone switching from smoking.

But gradually over time, a lot of vapers will advance forward and drop down their nicotine levels, as well as opting to use a bit more of an advanced vape kit, like a sub ohm kit for example. And with this, it opens up the door to use a High VG vape juice which not only makes big clouds of vapour, but also provides a full bodied rich tasting vape every single time!

Vegetable Glycerine is what the flavour concentrates react best with, and the higher the VG content, the more flavour you’ll get…pretty simple and straight forward right? So if you’re wanting more flavour from the vape juice you’ve been using, check to see if it’s available in High VG which 9/10 brands do produce!

spoiled juice in vape tank

Keep your tank clean!

Another really simple thing you can do is keeping your tank clean and in good condition will stop the flavour of your vape juice being altered. Keep an eye on if anything has got in there it shouldn’t, especially if you keep your device in your pocket or bag as you could end up getting bits of dirt in your tank that is not ideal!

Also, if you’ve used quite a strong flavour and then switch it around, chances are the flavour from your previous juice will still be lingering. You can give your tank a quick wash under the tap with some warm water and get rid of any residue. Don’t do this to your coil though as you can flood the cotton with water and ruin it on the spot pretty much.

Change your coil regularly

This is probably the biggest thing you’ve got to keep on top of to ensure the flavour of your vape juice stays the same is regularly changing your coil when it needs to be changed!

Most coils will have the life span of around 1-2 weeks, and this does vary depending on what vape juice you use, as well as how much you use your device as well, but 1-2 weeks is the fairly common time frame for a coil’s lifespan.

You’ll know when you need to change it as the flavour of your vape juice will be very different and not quite taste right, and if your coil really is at the end of it’s life, then you’ll probably get a horrible burnt cotton taste instead of the flavour of your vape juice which isn’t pleasant!

Keeping on top of coil maintenance will ensure your vape juice always tastes as good as it should!