How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

how much nicotine is in an elf bar?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 18 months, you would have heard or seen about Disposables Vapes, with Elf Bar being the most notorious ones in the Vaping world currently.

Disposables offer a hassle free alternative for Vaping which is ideal for people who may be looking to get into vaping but not want to faff around with changing coils, or filling up with vape juice, as this is all done for you in a self contained unit, and they’re ready to go once they’re taken out of the packaging.

One of the most common questions is how much nicotine is in an elf bar? And the answer to that is 20mg normally. But, I’ll explain about this in more detail as the blog progress so let’s get into it!

20mg nicotine elf bar

What Is An Elf Bar?

Elf Bar is arguably the most well known, and biggest selling brand of Disposable Vape here in the UK.

Originating in China, where pretty much every single brand of Disposable Vape originates from, Elf Bar offer an absolutely huge array of different flavoured Disposable Vapes for people to buy, and they seem to be available for purchase in nearly every corner shop, petrol stations or vape shop. And for good reason as they’re hugely popular with Adult Vapers with reports of up to 3 million units every single week being sold in the UK!

Elf Bar also have a sister brand of Disposable Vapes also, named Lost Mary who are equally as big and popular here in the UK, but it’s the Elf Bar brand that seems to hold the throne when it comes to the Disposable Vape market.

The RRP on Elf Bar are £5.99, and this only gets you 2ml of Vape Juice. For £2.49, less than half the price of an Elf Bar, you can get 5 times the amount of Nic Salt vape juice from 2X Vape!

How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

Now we get on to the question in topic for this blog, and delve into looking at what strength the vape juice used in Elf Bars is.

Elf Bar do not really offer a big variation when it comes to nicotine strengths in their Disposables, and it’s either 20mg, which is pretty standard as the vape juice used inside is Nicotine Salts so makes sense it’s that strength, or they also offer a 0mg Nicotine Elf Bar as well, with all the same flavours available as the 20mg nicotine ones.

The main problem I see with this, is that Disposable Vapes are marketed as a way for people to try out vaping to see if they actually get on with it, and buying a Disposable is significantly cheaper than getting a complete starter kit, as each device costs on average around £6 per device. But if this was something somebody wanted to do, they’re pretty stuck when it comes to having options available for different nicotine strengths, as it doesn’t appear to exist with Elf Bars.

If you were only a light smoker, say of up to 10 cigarettes a day, the normal recommendation for nicotine strength vape juice I would recommend would be something like a 6mg freebase, or 10mg Nicotine salts. As this wouldn’t be too overpowering and it would be similar to the amount of Nicotine you’d previously been taking on board from smoking.

Going straight in off the bat with a 20mg Nicotine Salts could spell disaster, as this will be a VERY different experience from what you’ve been previously used to. Nicotine Salts absorbed into the body very quickly, pretty much a similar time frame as what the nicotine from a cigarette does, and it can be quite a punchy nicotine hit which may come as a shock to the system.

The Vape Juice Is Also Made In China

As mentioned, Elf Bar HQ is based in China and this is where all of the manufacturing and exporting of Elf Bar takes place. And when I say all, I mean all of the manufacturing. This obviously includes the production and manufacturing of the nicotine salt vape juice that is used in Elf Bar’s.

China do not have any regulations or rules to adhere to when it comes to the production of vape juice like what we have here in the UK. Therefore, the risk is there of the juice being used in Elf Bars being of poor, cheap quality, and also could contain ingredients that are banned from being included in vape juice manufactured in the UK.

The Tobacco Products Directive was introduced here in the UK to regulate the E-Cigarette market to ensure safety was the top priority for all users of E-Cigarettes. Amongst these regulations included the banning of certain ingredients from being used in Vape Juice, including sweeteners, colourings and other additives.

These regulations do not exist in China, so it’s worth considering when going to use an Elf Bar…do you actually know what you’re vaping?

2X Wholesale VAPE BANNER

2X Vape Juice Offers More Variety

At 2X Vape, we always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to anything vaping related. And we couldn’t help but notice the unbelievable surge in popularity of these Disposable Vapes, but we saw the flaws almost instantly, and needed to do something about it to offer to our customers.

Our range of 2X Vape Juices have been inspired by the popular flavours seen in Disposable Vapes, but we’ve put our own unique spin on them to make something far more cost effective than Disposables, better quality than the cheap Chinese vape juice used, and also offering a bit more variety when it comes to Nicotine strengths than what Elf Bar do.

All flavours in our 2X Vape Juice range are available in either 10mg Nicotine Salt or 20mg Nicotine Salt, and a 10ml bottle costs just £2.95, which is less than half of the recommended retail price of what an Elf Bar is! Elf Bar’s only contain 2ml of vape juice, in some cases even less than this, so you’re paying £6 for 2ml of cheap Chinese made vape liquid, when you could be paying £2.95 for 10ml of premium UK made vape liquid…it’s a no brainer!

Having two different Nicotine strengths to choose from is also an added bonus, as if you are a light smoker like I suggested above, then you will benefit from using our 10mg Nicotine Salts, and if this isn’t quite hitting the spot, you can move up to the 20mg Nicotine strength with ease, rather than just being stuck with one strength and one strength only.

All 2X Vape Juices Are TPD Compliant

We take things very seriously when it comes to compliance and standards here at 2X. We ensure everything that every ingredient used to create our fantastic vape juices is tested prior to use, and the final products itself undergoes testing as well before it is released for sale. This means we know what we have produced is safe for our customers to vape, and it also gives you peace of mind when buying as well.

Everything we produce is fully compliant with all necessary TPD regulations that have been set out, and we do not use anything in our vape juices that is not allowed, and even if we did, it wouldn’t pass the checks to be sold here in the UK!

And all of this is done under one roof at our state of the art facilities which are based in Manchester, England. So you can rest assure that what you are buying from us at 2X is UK made, high quality, premium nicotine salt vape juice that adheres to all regulations and compliance checks.