How Long Does A Vape Last?

how long does a vape last?

The length of time that a vape can last ultimately comes down to you and how much you want to use it! It sounds like I’m being pedantic, but it’s true. Because like with anything, the more it’s used, the quicker it will run out.

There’s a lot of variable factors that can either increase the length of time that a vape will last, as well as decrease the length of time as well, and in this blog, I’m going to take a look at these factors and the different devices that are out on the market today and frequently used and try and answer this question as best as I can, let’s get into it!

person using disposable vape

How Long Does A Disposable Vape Last?

Let’s get this underway and talk about the hottest topic within the vaping world currently, and something that doesn’t seem to be going away or lowering down despite how much certain groups who are not vaping advocates want them to!

Disposable Vapes have become hugely popular for a multitude of reasons, but the primary one being the convenience factor involved with them, and the fact that they are ready to go straight out of the packaging. No refilling, no coils to change, no charging, just unpack and puff away, sounds good right?

Well, they’re not quite all they’re cracked up to be as they can only last you for a day before running out and you’ll be needing to buy another one! Inside very device is a small lithium-ion battery that’s charged up and also 2ml of vape juice, and the device becomes non-functional once either the vape juice runs out, or the battery runs flat.

If you’re a “heavy” vaper, then you’ll find yourself getting through one of these devices relatively quickly! They’re marketed as “600 puffs” and I admit, I have used them in the past to see what all the fuss is about, and the ones I’ve used definitely ran out before I got to the 600 puff mark, albeit I wasn’t keeping precise count of my puffs (like anyone else I would imagine!)

So if you’re getting through a Disposable a day, this is soon going to be hitting your wallet hard, as the RRP of an Elf Bar is £5.99 per device, and if you’re buying one a day, that’s £42 a week just on Disposables!


Buying a Disposable every day would get you 14ml of Vape Juice at the cost of £42…Whereas spending the less than the cost of one Disposable and buying 2 10ml bottles of 2X Vape Juice will get you 20ml of premium quality Vape Juice…it’s a no brainer and a huge money saver!!

How Long Does A Bottle Of Vape Juice Last?

Again, the answer to this question really does come down to each individual user and it will vary on a person by person basis, because I may vape a lot more than you for example, meaning I’ll get through a bottle of vape juice quicker, but then there may be somebody else who vapes more than me and a bottle would last them less time! Confusing right?!

I would say to give an estimate for an average user of an E-Cigarette, a 10ml bottle of vape juice should really last them around 2-3 days, maybe less…maybe more, there just isn’t a definitive answer that’s set in stone!

One of the main advantages of choosing to use 2X Vape Juice is that we use our patented WholeNic Nicotine Salt formula in every single bottle, and this can help make your vape juice stretch that little bit farther, but how you ask?

WholeNic is designed to replicate the effects of Nicotine that’s ingested when smoking a cigarette meaning that the absorption rate will be fast and effective, and the cravings for nicotine will be fast subsided, on top of this as well, the nicotine hit will be a lot punchier and satisfying too, meaning you won’t be constantly puffing away on your vape, and using your vape juice up quickly!

So we will set the benchmark for 2-3 days minimum, meaning you’ll only be spending £6 if that a week on vape juice by shopping with us at 2X Vape…the same amount you’d be spending every single day if you used Disposables!

burnt out vape coil

How Long Does A Coil Last?

Final question that I’ll cover in this blog, and it’s one that is commonly asked and that’s how long does a vape coil last? And this again, comes down to a lot of variables such as how much you use your vape and also what type/flavour of vape juice you use as well!

If you’re a heavy vaper and are puffing away constantly, you’re putting your vape coil to the limits by making it work more, and unfortunately they’re not ever lasting and will end up burning out eventually after frequent use. But this shouldn’t happen until AT LEAST the one week mark really, and you can even get a couple of weeks out of a coil if you vape sensibly and don’t over do it!

I mentioned about it does come down to what flavour and type of vape juice you use, and this is probably the biggest factor which can affect your coils life span too. Some brands/flavours of vape juice are notorious for being “coil killers” meaning that they will be highly sweet flavours and this is what can cause the coil to give up the ghost in a lot quicker fashion than what some other vape juices can.

All vape juice sold here in the UK has to pass through TPD Regulations so specific sweeteners are forbidden from being included, but this doesn’t mean that the sweeteners that can be used won’t be used in high volume to make the vape juice taste as good as it does.

At 2X Vape, we are extremely cautious and take great care and attention when it comes to ensuring our vape juices are “coil friendly” and won’t ruin your coils within a short space of time. We do this by carrying out Coil Testing on all of our vape juice batches, and ensures that everything we create is rich in flavour, as well as being kind to your coils!