Does Nicotine Affect The Flavour Of Vape Juice?

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It’s pretty understandable that anyone who buys a bottle of vape juice has been lured in by the delicious sounding flavour that’s on the label. Nobody would really buy a vape juice that they don’t like the sound of the flavour surely? (or would they…)

But when you crack open that bottle of vape juice, put it in your tank and then take your first puff, you might be taken a back a bit that it doesn’t quite taste as good as it sounded, and you ask yourself why is that?

It’s a little thing that’s in the majority of every bottle of vape juice, and something you might not even think would affect it…Nicotine! In this blog, I’m going to take a look at the job Nicotine has within vape juice and how it could potentially affect the flavour of your vape juice. Let’s get into it!

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Let’s Talk About Nicotine

Nicotine is a chemical that is found in tobacco leaf, and it’s what people become addicted to when smoking. And some can even form some what of a dependency on it and these things are hard to overcome when wanting to quit smoking.

Whilst Nicotine is highly addictive, it is not harmful and there has not been any proven evidence to show that it can cause harm to a person, or that it is one of the cancer causing chemicals which are found in cigarette smoke.

When people want to quit smoking, they will likely need to use some form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy to help prevent any form of nicotine withdrawals from occuring as these are not pleasant, and this is where E-Cigarette and E-Liquid can help as the e-liquid will contain specific amounts of nicotine in relating to how many cigarettes you previously smoked.

Using a high nicotine strength vape juice will be useful if you were a heavy smoker as this will curb those cravings for nicotine, but you may find that the vape juice flavour won’t be as prominent as you hoped. This is down to the nicotine content being high, and it can affect the flavour of your vape juice, but why? Let me explain!

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How Nicotine Can Affect The Flavour Of Your Vape Juice

Obviously the Nicotine that goes into vape juice is in liquid form, and it mixes in and essentially dilutes down within the vape juice mixture. You can’t vape just straight Nicotine as this will likely end up in disaster of you being seriously ill and potentially getting Nicotine poisoning and nobody wants that!

Nicotine in liquid form can give quite a peppery taste within vape juice if the nicotine content of the juice is high such as 18mg. And if you’re not used to taking in high amounts of Nicotine like from smoking a lot of cigarettes, it will be quite harsh on your throat when you vape as well, meaning the taste of your vape juice will not be very nice.

You’ll notice a huge difference in flavour if you were to lower the nicotine levels of your vape juice which is one of the goals with many people when they start vaping, is to eventually lower down the nicotine content as the dependency and addiction for nicotine will start to decrease over time, which is the ideal scenario!

The juice I’m talking about here is standard “freebase Nicotine” vape juice, where a high nicotine content can affect the flavour, but there is a certain type of vape juice where the Nicotine used in it actually enhances the flavour, rather than ruin in it, and it’s something we’re very familiar with…

Nicotine Salt Enhances The Flavour Of Your Vape Juice

Nicotine Salt is a different form of Nicotine that is used in vape juice, and it’s fast becoming people’s preferred option when it comes to buying vape juice, and it’s also what we use in all of our 2X Vape Juices (More on this to follow further down…)

Nicotine Salt is different in the way that it is derived directly from tobacco leaf, and made into liquid form. Then a weak acid, normally Benzoic Acid, is added to the liquid nicotine which in turn neutralises the pH levels of the Nicotine, making it considerably less harsh thus in turn letting high strengths of nicotine be added to vape juice and it can be vaped without it being too harsh on the throat, like what an 18mg freebase Nicotine could be.

And it doesn’t just reduce the harshness either, as the acid used to bring down the pH levels of the Nicotine also can react with the flavour concentrates used and enhance the flavour of your vape juice which is what a lot of people enjoy and why they turn to use Nicotine Salt vape juice.

I’ve tried a flavour of vape juice in standard freebase nicotine, and also the same flavour from the same manufacturer but in Nicotine Salt form and the flavour difference is crazy really, with the Nic Salt version having a much more supreme richer taste than the standard Freebase nicotine version.


2X Vape Juice Doesn’t Just Use Normal Nicotine Salt

As mentioned, all of our vape juices within our 2X range uses Nicotine Salt, but it’s not just any run of the mill Nicotine Salt, oh no no, we use our patented WholeNic formula in every bottle. What’s this I hear you cry? Well, let me explain!

WholeNic is a specially designed form of nicotine to replicate smoke’s complex mixture of pleasurable components but without any of the nasty unwanted compounds such as Tar and carcinogenics.

Achieving the goals mentioned above, WholeNic was created and the results have been outstanding. Below are a few facts regarding what has been created with WholeNic;

  • WholeNic®  recreates the feeling of smoking.
  • WholeNic® is MHRA registered and exceeds all UK and EU safety standards.
  • WholeNic® contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids found in tobacco, in the same proportions as a cigarette, providing everything in tobacco that gives smokers pleasure.
  • WholeNic® contains zero TSNAs and zero carcinogens.

WholeNic alkaloids are fully tested by independent labs, as well as being analysed by ISO accredited laboratories.

And this is exactly why we use it in every bottle of 2X vape juice, to make us not only stand out from the crowd within the vape juice world, but also to help you, our customers, make that transition from smoking to vaping even easier, by getting the same effects of the nicotine being absorbed into your body just like it did when you smoked cigarettes, but you won’t be running the risk of ingesting any of the harmful chemicals and toxins like there is in cigarettes.