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Disposable Vapes – Are these the future of vaping?

Disposable vape pens have seen a massive uprise within the vaping market in the last 12 months, with more and more manufacturers producing disposable vape devices than ever. However, not necessarily with people who are looking to quit smoking, but more in line with people trying to keep up with current trends.

In this article, we will answer most commonly asked questions surrounding disposable vapes, the cost of using them, what exactly goes into a device and the massive impact they are having on the environment.

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Are Disposable Vapes safe to use?

Whilst there has not been any specific research into the safety of disposable pod kits, they are still part of the vape family and operate on a similar basis, we know for certain that any vaping device is better than smoking cigarettes.

Some of the most popular disposable vapes like elf bar & geek bar are made in China using Chinese E-Liquid which doesn’t have the same stringent safety rules surrounding vape juice like the UK. In the UK all e-liquid ingredients have to be tested and submitted to the government via the MHRA. Studies on UK made eliquid have shown that vaping is considerably safer than smoking cigarettes.

Traditionally disposable vape pens are a self-contained unit that filled with nicotine salt e liquid, which operate on inhale activation function, where the device does not work unless the user puts the device in their mouth and inhales.

What strength nicotine is in a disposable vape?

To be in line with TPD laws in the UK, the maximum nicotine strength that can be in Disposable e-cigarette is 20mg. Whilst higher strengths are available such as 50mg, these are produced in China or the United States where it is legal to sell them. Elf Bar & Geek Bar product higher Nic Salt E-Liquid for foreign markets. If any retailer sells a disposable vape filled with e liquid higher than 20mg in strength here in the UK, they are breaking the law.

 The disposable vape market is currently booming, with sales reaching an all-time high. More and more leading brands are making disposable vape kits, making it so easy for someone who is looking to quit smoking to have access to these. We found that these pre-filled disposable vapes tend to be 20mg pod salts. This can be too high for some mouth to lung vapers, so we’ve launched a range of 10mg nicotine products, still giving you the same flavour satisfaction with less nicotine. We feel this more represents traditional smoking.

With such an uprise in popularity, retailers are cashing in on this opportunity who are not reputable vape sellers and never previously sold electronic cigarettes or vape liquid before. Disposable vapes are now becoming available to purchase in convenience stores, pop up stands in shopping centres, independent petrol stations and even pop up outlets at festivals across the country.

You should always buy your vaping products from reputable vape outlets, as this ensures the products have met TPD law requirements, and are a genuine product.


What side effects can you get from Disposable vapes?

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in cases of people suffering from side effects such as nausea, headaches and nose bleeds. This is due to illicit disposable vape kits from a non reputable vape outlet selling puff bars in nicotine strengths as high as 80mg. If you were to feel any of these side effects after you used a disposable vape, it is essential you contact your GP immediately.

Disposable vapes should always come in packaging containing a health warning on the box, that similar to the ones found on all nicotine based products, as well as a safety leaflet within the box. If either of these are missing, you have likely purchased an illicit disposable vape kit, and the after effects of use could be quite adverse.

Can I charge my disposable vape?

Unlike a standard vape kit, disposable vapes cannot be charged once the battery runs out. Battery life normally lasts until the eliquid runs out due to reaching the 600 puffs limit that most disposable vape kits have.

They are specifically designed to give users 600 puffs before the device becomes unfunctional and the device is then to be disposed of.

Some manufacturers are now making refillable, rechargeable pod systems in the style of their disposable vape pens, which is a compact device for carrying around on the go. These devices are most definitely more cost effective to use than disposables, where you can fill them with a eliquid of your choice and strength, as well as recharge them when the battery dies down. Eliquid brands are also replicating the flavours found in the best disposable e cigs.

There is also disposable vape pods being released on the market that are prefilled with nicotine salt e liquid. And when these run out liquid, the user just disposes of the pod rather than the entire device.

How do Disposable Vapes work?

As previously mentioned, a disposable vape pen operates on a draw activate feature, where the user simply inhales on the device with no buttons to press, in a mouth to lung style of vaping and inhales to get a smooth throat hit and vapor production from the prefilled e liquid inside. The best disposable vapes will activate instantly, but there are other which have a slight delay.

They normally have an LED light which activates when the device is being used, and flashes when the device has ceased working. Normally because the prefilled vape liquid has run out or the battery has run out.

In comparison, this is no different to how a traditional refillable vape device would work. A disposable vape pen normally operates around 8-10 watts in power and contains 1.3ml of e liquid.


Why does my disposable taste burnt when I vape it?

This means one of two things –

  • The device has run out of vape liquid as the 600 puffs limit has been reached


  • The coil has burnt out

And with a disposable device, when either of these two things happen, there is nothing else you can do other than dispose of it as it will not function properly. Sometimes you may find that your disposable e cigarette tastes burnt before you’ve had 600 puffs, this will be because the pre filled pod doesn’t have right amount of liquid in the device. We’d suggest contacting the retailer where you bought the device from.

With a standard refillable vape device, these problems are easily fixed by filling your tank up when the e liquid has ran out, or changing the burnt out coil to a fresh coil and it will work to its normal standard. There are plenty of e-liquid brands out there that sell 10ml bottles of eliquid.


What are the most popular brands of Disposables?

 There is no definitive answer on what is the best disposable kit.

Elf bar, Geek bar & Elux appear to be the most popular and best disposable vape brands amongst consumers offering the best disposable vape kits, but other Vape device manufacturers, such as Smok, Aspire and Logic have started producing disposable vapes also. Elf bar also offer larger devices that are pre filled with 2ml of nicotine salt eliquid, which increases the puff limit (sometimes over 600 puffs), but these come at more of a cost to the consumer.

With the demand and popularity of disposable vapes increasing, more companies have started producing these devices, who have no previous background or reputation in the vaping industry. These disposable vapes may be made to a lesser quality and not using premium quality e liquid which could result in the aforementioned side effects.

What is in a Disposable Vape?

As previously mentioned, the e liquid used in disposable e cigarettes is Nicotine salts, and they are offered in 0mg, 10mg and 20mg strength. With the latter mentioned the most popular with consumers.

However, most disposable vapes are produced in China, and the vape liquid that goes into these is most commonly produced in China. With vape liquid produced in China, there has been no concrete data of the ingredients used to make the vape liquid. Nor has there been any lab testing done on this liquid to show what exactly goes into it.

At 2xVape, we pride ourselves on the fact that our e liquid is developed and made in the UK to the highest standards and registered with the MHRA, complying with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and ISO9001.


How much do they cost and how many puffs will I get?

The price varies from retailer to retailer, but normally ranges anywhere from £5-£7.

A standard disposable vape device normally has a 600 puff limit. Higher puff count devices are available, but at more of a cost.

People see a disposable e-cigarette as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and a way to quit smoking, and whilst it may be healthier, it certainly will not save money compared to someone using a refillable vape kit.

When breaking this down in comparison to using a refillable vape device, Disposables can work out quite costly.

With disposables only containing 1.3ml of e liquid capacity and costing £5 minimum, a 10ml bottle of 20mg Nic Salt vape liquid you can buy from www.2xVape.com costs only £2.95. And a 10ml bottle can last the average user anywhere from 2-5 days. Whereas a disposable could potentially only last for one day.  


Can Disposable vapes be recycled?

Currently there is no way for disposable e cigarettes to be recycled. Therefore, they have to be disposed of in the standard refuse, which then goes to landfill. Current statistics show that approx 17 million disposable kits are being added to landfill each month, an eye watering statistic that is concerning for the future of our environment.

 Users often purchase one or two or sometimes more disposable e cigs to have a varied option of e liquid flavours, and a backup device for when has ran out of e liquid or the battery dies.

What battery is in a disposable vape?

All disposable vape kits have a small lithium battery inside, which has no way of being recycled currently.

Lithium batteries carry a lot of risks, where if they are compromised and damaged, they could ignite like a small firework. There has even been footage of lithium batteries igniting at recycling centres across the world.

What impact is this having on the environment?

With no way of recycling these, a common site is seeing these colourful devices strewn around streets, parks, paths and other public places. With the devices not only containing a lithium battery, they also contain nicotine based liquid which can be harmful to living organisms. This also imposes as risk for underaged users to pick up these aesthetically pleasing, colourful devices and see what they do.

With this “done and chuck” method, its causing a massive risk to the environment, and the carbon footprint being left. Studies show that plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose and a heavy user alone can throw away up to 365 devices a year, that is a lot of damage done to the environment by just one person.

Where as someone who uses a traditional rechargeable, refillable vape device may only have to dispose of one device a year if that due to the components being longer lasting.

What age do you have to be to purchase a Disposable?

As with any vape related product, you must be 18 years old and above to buy disposable vapes.

However, with the disposables being such a trend currently, the colourful designs of these disposables and the tempting, mouth-watering flavour concoctions like strawberry ice cream or tangy blue raspberry, it is being found that more and more underage users are using them. These are people who have never even smoked cigarettes before and now becoming addicted to and dependant on standard nicotine.

The Influence of social media and disposable vapes

The influence of social media plays a massive part in them appealing to younger audiences, with influencers across Instagram, TikTok and Facebook being seen using them.

However, TikTok has also created an awareness of the dangers of using them as well, with some creators suffering from adverse side effects from constant use, or using illicitly bought products that were aforementioned.

The vaping industry has always been under fire for appealing to underage audiences due to various factors, and unfortunately the introduction and rise of disposable e cigarettes into the market has only increased this yet again.

What 2xVape can offer as a cheaper alternative to disposable vapes

To combat this expensive and detrimental style of vaping, 2xVape have created a range of mouth-watering Nic Salt e-liquids that can be used in refillable vape devices, in the following flavours, available in a 10mg or 20mg strengths.


 In summary, Disposables are not set to be the future of vaping. Not only are they an expensive way to vape, but they are also not sustainable for the environment and the future of the planet.


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