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The Pro’s And Con’s Of Disposable Vapes

The Pro's and Con's of Vaping

Disposable Vapes. The two most spoken words when it comes to the topic of Vaping over the last 18 months. Vaping goes through fads and phases and this appears to be the latest and arguably the biggest craze that Vaping has ever seen. They’re everywhere you go it seems. People in the streets using them […]

Is there a better alternative to Disposables?

woman thinking about disposable or pod system vapes

People are turning to Disposables as their preferred device of choice when it comes to Vaping, but there are a fair amount of people that remain sceptical about them, hell bent on the fact that there are better alternatives for vaping without the need to use something like an Elfbar Disposable.

A complete guide on travelling with your Vaping gear

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If you’re planning a trip abroad and are a bit unsure on what the restriction and guidelines are for taking your vaping gear with you, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll go over the Do’s and Don’ts of travelling with your vaping gear and vape juice, how to take it on a plane, and how vaping laws differ from country to country.

How to save money by switching to Vaping

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In this article, I’ll look in depth at the cost of smoking to the average person and compare it with the cost of vaping and we can look at just how much money you could save if you opted to quit smoking and switch to vaping.