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Is 20mg Nicotine Salt A Lot?

is 20mg nicotine a lot

Nicotine Salt e liquid is becoming the most popular pick amongst vapers to use in their E-Cigarettes, and for good reason too! A quicker absorption rate, meaning cravings for nicotine are reduced. Richer flavour, and smooth on the throat. But there does still remain a lot of questions around the subject of Nicotine Salt, especially […]

How Old Do You Have To Be To Vape In The UK?

how old do you have to be to vape in the uk

The amount of adult vapers in the UK today is currently at the highest it’s ever been, with over 4 million adults now opting to use E-Cigarettes which is brilliant to see! The awareness of E-Cigarettes has increased significantly with the promotion of using these to quit smoking, especially for adult smokers as GP’s and […]

Are Disposable Vapes Bad And Really Causing Problems?

are disposable vapes bad header image

Disposable Vapes. The two words which are probably the most associated with Vaping currently, and also the two words that feature in every single negative media article that’s been printed about Vaping over the last 12 months, and likely to be ongoing in future articles as well. There’s a lot of heavy criticism been dished […]

Does Nicotine Affect The Flavour Of Vape Juice?

can nicotine affect the flavour header

It’s pretty understandable that anyone who buys a bottle of vape juice has been lured in by the delicious sounding flavour that’s on the label. Nobody would really buy a vape juice that they don’t like the sound of the flavour surely? (or would they…) But when you crack open that bottle of vape juice, […]

What E-Liquid Is In Elf Bars?

What E-Liquid Is In Elf Bars

There’s absolutely no getting away from Disposable Vapes at the minute. Every convenience shop you go in, you’ll be greeted by the rainbow of colours behind the counter of different Elf Bars, Lost Mary, Elux and countless other brands of Disposable Vapes for you to choose from if you so desire! They’re pretty simple and […]

2X Vape – Where Quality and Compliance Matters

2x new logo

The Tobacco Products Directive was introduced in 2016 to regulate and control the E-Cigarette market, by bringing in restrictions on the maximum capacity size of vape tanks, reducing the bottle size for vape juice that contained Nicotine, as well as banning specific ingredients for the safety of the consumers.

DIY Vape Juice – Does it really save you money?

how to make your own vape juice

Whilst the cost of vaping is fairly minimal, and doesn’t break the bank, vapers have been finding money saving ways to make it even cheaper and the primary way they’re doing this is by making their own vape juice at home