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Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth

Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys going to the Dentist. There’s just something not so appealing about laying there in a chair while the Dentist pokes around your mouth with various utensils and then whacks out the power tools…not pleasurable! People if you are a smoker, chances are you will enjoy these Dentist visits even […]

What Does Salt Nicotine Do To Your Body?

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Salt Nicotine is the latest development to happen within the vape juice world, and it’s fast become people’s vape juice of choice. Over the last couple of years, it’s really gained in popularity with more brands consistently entering on to the market offering hundreds of different flavours, and it gained further traction from being the […]

5 Positive Effects of Vaping


Vaping doesn’t half get some bad press, and it’s been the case for the longest time. And in reality, it actually gets more bad press than good truth be told. And the majority of this bad press is actually misinformation and false accusations stating about the “negative effects” that Vaping can have on a person, […]