Can nicotine salts be used in a regular vaping device?

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Can nic salts be used in a regular vaping device?

Yes, nicotine salts can be used in a regular vaping device. Nicotine salts are a type of nicotine that is derived from tobacco leaves. They are designed to be used in a regular vaping device. Nicotine salts are said to provide a smoother and more satisfying vape than traditional nicotine e-liquids.

What are the best vape devices for nic salts?

There isn’t a “best vape” for nic salts, but there are some which I would definitely recommend using for your nic salts.

Something simple and low powered like a pen device or a pod system would be ideal for vaping Nic salts. Reason being is, Nic Salts normally give a punchier nicotine hit compared to Freebase, so you won’t want to be using a device that carries a lot of power, as this could cause you to get a bit “Nic-Sick” from the hit and not be a pleasurable vaping experience.

Using a pen or pod system will also give you the ability to vape in a Mouth to Lung style, which is replicant of inhaling on a cigarette. So ideal if you’re just starting your vaping journey from quitting cigarettes.

What happens if you put salt nic in a sub-ohm vape?

If you put Nic salt vape juice in a Sub-ohm device, you’ll probably find the juice will leak through the airflow holes of your tank. As Nicotine salts are made with a 50PG and 50VG ratio, this is classed as a thinner juice, and will not absorb properly into the coils of a sub ohm tank, which are designed to absorb thicker High VG vape juice.

The other thing that may happen is if you’re running your device at a high wattage, you may find the nicotine hit a bit much. That’s because nicotine salts are designed to give a punchier hit of nicotine, and ideally to be used in lower powered device, so the nicotine hit might cause you to get a bit dizzy or feel a little nauseous.

Are Nicotine Salts safe?

Nicotine Salts are as safe as any other type of vape juice that’s on the market today. Just because it is a different form of nicotine doesn’t make it any less safe to vape.

All of our nicotine salt e-liquid in our 2X range undergoes testing and compliance checks to ensure they meet the required standards as set out by the Tobacco Products Directive introduced in 2016.

This ensures that all e-liquid made and sold in the UK are free from any sweeteners, additives, and chemicals that aren’t safe for people to vape.

Which is better…Freebase Nicotine or Nicotine Salt E-Liquid?

There’s a case for both sides of this argument, and a question that often divides the vaping community on what is the better of the above mentioned. And both have valid points on what is better, of which I will go through now.

Freebase Nicotine vape juice is ideal for new vapers, who are transitioning from smoking as there are more options for nicotine strength compared to Nicotine Salts. A person could start out at a mid range strength like 12mg, and find it too strong, and drop to a 6mg, or go higher to an 18mg if it’s not strong enough. Whereas with Nic Salts they tend to only be made in 20mg or 10mg strengths.

Nicotine Salts are still good for new vapers though, as the stronger punchier nicotine base curbs cravings for nicotine that ex smokers might still be combatting against. And the fact they won’t have to vape as much due to getting enough nicotine from the Nic Salts.