Are You Quitting Smoking in 2023?


With the start of every new year, comes new year’s resolutions being set by people. These can range in difference from person to person, from getting fit, to going on more holidays, but the primary one a lot of people set if they are a smoker is: to give up smoking in the new year.

And if this is something you have set yourself, then good on you! You’re making one of the best choices of your life by quitting smoking, but I won’t sugar coat it, it’s not going to be easy! But with willpower and the use of a nicotine replacement tool, this will be a walk in the park! I’m going to give you an insight of what to expect, and how you can make quitting smoking as easy as possible!

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How quitting smoking affects your body

Don’t worry, it’s not bad how it affects your body, it’s almost instantly good effects from the moment you stop smoking!

As soon as 12 hours from your last cigarette, the carbon monoxide levels in your blood will begin to drop, and start to regulate back to a good oxygen level. This is because you’re not adding anymore carbon monoxide into your body by smoking cigarettes, as there is dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide created by a lit cigarette which was ingested into your body and bloodstream when you smoked prior.

After 1 month – By the 1-month mark, your lung function will have improved significantly, and you probably would have noticed you’d been coughing less, and not becoming short of breath as easy. This is down to the fact that not only the Carbon Monoxide would have started to clear more, but the tar that is produced by cigarettes that resides in the base of the lungs would have started to disperse naturally, freeing up your lung capacity.

After 1 Year – When you make it to the 1 year mark, the risk for you to contract coronary heart diseases would have halved, if not more by now. And this risk will start to dwindle down considerably more as more time passes.

After 5 Years

DID YOU KNOW? There are toxins in a cigarette that can cause the blood vessels and arteries in your body to narrow, and also increase your chance of blood clot, or a stroke.

Well good news, as at the 5-year mark, your blood vessels and arteries will be back to near normal, and the risk of you contracting any of the above is considerably lower. And after the 10-year point, the risk of a stroke would be minimal, and the chances of you developing Lung Cancer and dying from it are cut in half compared to someone who continues to smoke.

And that’s a short list of how your body will recover once you quit smoking, and how much the risks of contracting deadly diseases will lower just by making one change, and that being to stop smoking cigarettes.

But as I mentioned, it won’t be easy, and you’ll likely need a Nicotine Replacement Tool to help you along your way, let me explain why E-Cigarettes are the best option for this!

Why Nicotine Replacement Therapy is essential when quitting smoking

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is what is used when a person quits smoking and wants to continue to still get nicotine via an alternative method to help the process of quitting be easier than going cold turkey and stopping nicotine completely.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy options

If a person was to quit and go cold turkey, then they would likely face some withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety/stress, sudden weight gain, sleepless nights and mood related issues. This is why using a form of nicotine replacement therapy is essential. Traditional methods such as Nicotine patches, nicotine gum, lozenges and gum have been around for a long time, but the newest and fast becoming the more popular and successful option people are using is an E-Cigarette.

Vaping makes quitting as easy as 1-2-3

E-Cigarette usage has seen a huge increase amongst adults over the last few years, with the number of adult users of E-Cigarettes last year being the highest it’s ever been, which is fantastic news! And in more recently revealed statistics, it showed that smoking prevalence amongst adults has decreased to the lowest number it has ever been, so it’s winning all round for vapers and the vaping industry on the whole!

Using an E-Cigarette can help you quit smoking as it is the closest thing you can get to a cigarette without actually smoking one. Most people fear quitting as they may miss the habits involved with cigarettes that they had gotten used to. E-Cigarettes replicate all of these, the hand to mouth action, having something in your hand, and then exhaling vapour clouds instead of smoke, it all adds up to be the perfect replacement!

You also get so much variety and options when it comes to picking a vape juice, from nicotine strength to flavours, it all comes down to personal preference and can be catered exactly to your requirements!

Choosing the right Nicotine Strength

This is something that is relatively crucial to get right so that it ensures your nicotine cravings are satisfied by having the right amount of nicotine in your vape juice that you’re using in your E-Cigarette.

If you were a light to moderate smoker, of up to say 12/15 cigarettes a day, you’ll want to go for a vape juice that isn’t too strong, as a higher nicotine content may be too overwhelming for you and have adverse effects which you don’t really want! I’d recommend any of our flavours in the 2X range, but pick the 10mg Nicotine strength.

If you were a heavy smoker of 20+ Cigarettes a day, then you’ll be used to consuming higher nicotine levels, so therefore a higher nicotine content vape juice such as 20mg might be better suited for you, again available in all of our flavours at 2X Vape!

Picking the perfect flavour

At 2X Vape, whilst our selection may be small, they all certainly come with large volumes of flavour that will leave your tastebuds satisfied and craving for more!

Drawing inspiration from the popular flavours of Disposable Vapes, 2X Vape have created a range of Nicotine Salt based vape juice packed full of flavour to give you the most pleasurable vaping experience possible!

My personal favourites are Blue Raspberry Fizz or Strawberry Sweet, but you can try our entire range of 2X Vape juices at a discounted price by clicking the link below!

Vaping is good for you, not bad!

Contrary to a lot of misperceptions and myths printed in the media, and other various websites and outlets, Vaping is not bad for you, and it is considerably better for you than smoking is!

DID YOU KNOW? Public Health England declared Vaping to be 95% safer than smoking in 2016, and lamented this belief in a publication released in late 2022

If vaping was so bad for you, then surely a massively respected body like Public Health England wouldn’t be making such statements don’t you think? This has also been referenced back to worldwide by pro vaping campaigners in arguments for the benefits of Vaping.

Cigarettes produce over 6000 different chemicals when lit, with over 70 of them being cancer causing toxins, whereas Vaping has nothing of the sort in it.

Nicotine is not harmful to a person either, contrary to belief that is actually harmful and one of the cancer-causing chemicals within a cigarette, and therefore using an e-cigarette is dangerous and can lead to a person contracting a deadly disease that is normally associated with smoking. This is so wrong, and far from the truth it is unreal. Cancer Research UK posted a publication in 2021 that showed that there was no scientific evidence that showed Nicotine to be harmful to a person.