Are Nicotine Salts more addictive?

freebase vs nicotine salts

The simple answer to the question in title is, no, Nicotine Salts are not more addictive than normal Freebase Nicotine. People do feel that it could be because of the higher strengths that it is sold in, but this doesn’t increase the addiction for nicotine, instead it actually helps reduce the amount people are using their e-cigarette. Read on to find out more behind why this answer is a no!

Nicotine Salt vape juice has fast become people’s preferred vape juice of choice when making the choice on what to go for. Especially in recent times, with the sudden boom in popularity of Disposable Vapes as these use Nicotine Salt vape juice also.

In this article, I’m going to take a look at all sides of the arguments made by people and try and reach a conclusion of whether or not Nic Salts are more addictive than Freebase.

nicotine and a cigarette

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical

If you didn’t already know, Nicotine is in fact a highly addictive chemical and people who smoke will fast become addicted to Nicotine, and unfortunately once the addiction has fully set in, it’s an addiction that is hard to overcome. But it’s certainly not impossible!

Nicotine addiction happens by your body absorbing Nicotine from the tobacco leaf, and your brains nicotine receptors will then grab hold of all the nicotine it can as this then releases Dopamine, which is the “feel good” chemical that creates a buzz type effect that doesn’t last too long, and before long your receptors will be craving for more nicotine, and just like that, an addiction is formed.

And if you do not take on board Nicotine frequently, you’ll start getting withdrawals so your body will crave nicotine, and you’ll have to keep giving your body the nicotine to keep these withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Can you get over Nicotine addiction?

Absolutely you can get over Nicotine addiction just like any other addiction can be gotten over, but I’m not going to hide the fact, it is one of the hardest addictions to overcome. BUT, it is possible!

If you give up smoking, it’s always recommended to use some form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, which is what replaces the nicotine you previously got from cigarettes so that you do not suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

If you use an E-Cigarette as your Nicotine Replacement Therapy option, you’ll want to use an e-liquid that has nicotine in, with the strength being similar to the nicotine you had previously been getting from smoking cigarettes. This is so that your cravings for Nicotine will be curbed and you won’t start getting withdrawals.

And the ultimate end goal is to gradually lower your nicotine content in your vape juice over time, to either a really low nicotine content, or zero nicotine and just like that, the addiction will have been overcome!

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Using Nicotine Salts can make quitting smoking easier

With how Nicotine Salts are created, they can actually make quitting smoking a lot easier down to the fact the absorption rate of them are quicker than Freebase nicotine vape juice, and it’s also a very similar time frame to what the absorption rate of nicotine is from smoking cigarettes is.

When transitioning from smoking to vaping, people will want to replicate smoking as much as possible, and it’s crucial that nicotine absorption time is as close as possible so that the cravings are kept to a minimum and the dopamine release is in equal time frame and proportions.

This is why Nicotine Salts are always recommended for people to use when making the moving from quitting smoking to vaping, and they come in varying nicotine strengths as well which will cater to people’s nicotine needs based on how much they previously smoked. 2X Vape Juice is absolutely ideal for someone who is wanting to make the switch from smoking to vaping as easy as possible, as the range of Vape juices feature WholeNic, which is our patented formula of Nicotine Salts that use the full spectrum of Nicotine Alkaloids that are found in tobacco, making the nicotine hit as close to the one you get from smoking a cigarette, just without having to smoke one!

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Are Nicotine Salts more addictive?

Now we come to the question in topic, and that is are Nicotine Salts more addictive? And my honest answer is…no, they are not more addictive.

This is simply down to the fact, at the end of the day, it’s still nicotine. Regardless if it is Freebase or Salt nic, it’s still highly addictive whatever the form! I suppose the arguments for it being addictive is because the flavours are so much richer with Nic salts, and also the nicotine hit is a bit more intense and satisfying, so people may find themselves using their vape a bit more than normal, but this certainly doesn’t class Nicotine Salts as more “addictive”

Just be sensible with your vape, if you find yourself worrying that you are becoming “addicted” from overusing it, just put it down and only have intermittent puffs on it, no need to keep going at it constantly, no matter how good the flavour or nicotine hit is!