Are Nic Salts Better?

Are Nic Salts Better?

There’s always been an ongoing argument of what is better when it comes to vaping. Ranging from what device you use, what nicotine strength you use, what VG/PG ratio is better, and now the war that rages on is what is the better vape juice, Freebase Nicotine or Nic Salts?

Both have their advantages in what I would say is an almost equal share, but one just edges in front in my opinion for a couple of different reasons. In this blog, I’m going to take a look at the benefits and advantages of using Nic Salts and see if we can get an answer to the question that is “Are nic salts better?”

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What Is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine Salt, or Nic Salt/Salt Nic as it’s often known as, is the name for the type of Nicotine which is naturally formed and found in actual tobacco leaf.

The Nicotine Salt is then extracted from this leaf, and diluted into liquid form, making it a naturally made Nicotine solution. The process then continues as a weak acid is mixed in to this solution, normally Benzoic Acid, which in turn neutralizes the pH levels of the Nicotine, as without this, it would be super harsh and not suitable to be vaped.

The addition of the acid is the crucial part as to what helps Nicotine Salts get the upper edge on Freebase Nicotine vape juice, and I’ll now explain in a bit more depth as to how this is.

Smoother On The Throat

As I’ve just said, the job of the acid that is added to the Nicotine Salt is to neutralise the pH levels, and by doing this, it brings the harshness of the Nicotine right down, to practically minimal levels enabling you to have a smooth satisfying vape every time.

This is why Nicotine Salts in a 20mg Nicotine strength are so popular and most commonly used by vaping enthusiasts as it’s so smooth to vape, you barely even feel that you’re vaping a high strength nicotine vape juice! The feelings would be completely different if you were to vape an 18mg Freebase though, as there’s no neutralising taking place and it will be relatively harsh on the throat.

Looks like that’s the first point for Nic Salts…

Man Exhaling Vapour from E-Cigarette

Faster Absorption Rate

If you’re a vaper, or even a smoker, chances are the thing you love the most about having a vape or a cigarette is the feeling of the Nicotine being absorbed into your body to release that little bit of dopamine and making you feeling satisfied.

The absorption rate of Nicotine from a cigarette is roughly around 7 seconds to full get into your bloodstream and have the desired affects sending signals to your brain. If you opted to use a Freebase nicotine vape juice, then the absorption rate will be slightly longer, roughly around 10 seconds. Might not sound a lot but to some, those 3 seconds could be make or break!

However, Nicotine Salts have pretty much the same rate of absorption as that of a cigarette, which is what you will be chasing, especially if you’ve recently quit smoking as the cravings will still be rife. And for this reason, it’s why a lot of people will use Nic Salts to get that near instant nicotine hit and buzz on, rather than waiting longer.

Seems like that’s another point for Nic Salts…

Much More Flavoursome!

I’m feeling like I’m repeating myself here, but I’m going to talk about yet another thing that the Benzoic Acid does to help Nicotine Salts feel a bit better than standard Freebase, and this time it’s how the combination of the acid and the nicotine salt can really bring out the flavour of whatever concentrates are used in the vape juice you’ve chosen!

Nicotine itself can give off quite a peppery taste, and if a high nicotine content is being used in something like a Freebase nicotine vape juice, then chances are the flavour of the vape juice isn’t going to be as strong as you’d hoped, because it’s being dominated by the nicotine that’s been added to it.

But this isn’t the case with Nic Salts, as the harshness of the nicotine has been practically eliminated thanks to the addition of the Benzoic Acid, so this means that the flavours of the concentrates used are going to come through fuller and richer, making every vape you have a satisfying one, not just from the Nicotine, but also from the fact it’s going to jam packed full of flavour!

Deja vu setting in here…another point for Nic Salts?!

Disposable Vape Flavours

2X Vape Juice Ticks All The Boxes!

So it’s looking like we have an answer here to the question in title, but before we wrap it up, let me just explain how 2X Vape Juice ticks all of the above boxes, and explain what we do to ensure that not only is it better than Freebase, but it’s better than most other Nic Salt brands out there on the market.

Made in our state of the art facility based in Manchester, England, 2X Vape Juice is made using only the highest quality ingredients which in turn produces a high quality premium vape juice at affordable prices, as we not only believe in quality being given to our customers, but also to make vaping as affordable as possible to everyone!

Our entire range of 2X Vape Juice are made using Nicotine Salts, and are available in either a 10mg Nicotine strength or 20mg Nicotine strength depending, which caters for those who may have a low tolerance for nicotine, or those who crave those big nicotine hits.

And how we stand out above others, is that the Nicotine Salt used in all of our vape juices is our patented WholeNic Nic Salt, which I’ll explain a bit more about;

WholeNic was created and the results have been outstanding. Below are a few facts regarding what has been created with WholeNic;

  • WholeNic®  recreates the feeling of smoking.
  • WholeNic® is MHRA registered and exceeds all UK and EU safety standards.
  • WholeNic® contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids found in tobacco, in the same proportions as a cigarette, providing everything in tobacco that gives smokers pleasure.
  • WholeNic® contains zero TSNAs and zero carcinogens.

So if Nic Salts weren’t already better than Freebase Nicotine, 2X Vape Juice certainly is!


You might be asking yourself the question in title, are Nic Salts better? And I’m pretty confident you should know the answer to this question, and if you don’t then let me answer it…yes they are!

The combination of points I’ve made of them being richer in flavour, smoother on the throat and much more flavoursome pretty much seals the deal for me that they are better than standard Freebase nicotine vape juice.

If you’ve not tried them already, I highly recommend making the switch to Nicotine Salts as soon as possible, and there’s no better option to switch to than 2X Vape Juice which you can shop below!