What Is 2X Vape Juice?

2X Vape Juice is a premium brand of Nicotine Salt e-liquid designed to give you a full bodied flavour experience, as well as total satisfaction when it comes to curbing Nicotine cravings.

We created this range to ensure that after every vape you have of 2X Vape Juice, your tastebuds will be tingling and you’ll be more than satisfied every single time! 

Offering 6 different flavours in our range, we have drawn inspiration from the popular flavours seen in Disposable Vapes, and created our own versions of them, in a much more cost effective way than buying Disposables, and also of much higher quality than the vape juice used in Disposables too!

Why Should You Choose 2X?

You might not have heard of our brand 2X before, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have experience! The team behind creating 2X Vape Juice has over a decade of experience in the vaping and flavour creating industry, so we absolutely know what we’re talking about! 

It’s hard to not see the meteoric rise of Disposable Vapes over the last 18 months, but it’s not easy to sit by and watch the trouble that they are causing to the reputation of the vaping industry, which is why we wanted to make a much more cost affordable as well as sustainable way to enjoy the flavours of Disposable Vapes. 

We’ve taken inspiration from the popular flavours seen in Disposable Vapes, and made a much higher quality vape juice and everything is registered with the MHRA, complying with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and ISO9001

WholeNic Nicotine Salt Explained

WholeNic is our patented WholeNic Nicotine Salt solution that we use in all of our vape juices, giving a truely unique and authentic nicotine hit that is replicant of what you’d get from smoking a cigarette. 

WholeNic is made by using the full spectrum of Nicotine Alkaloids that are found in Tobacco leaves, meaning you will get the same amount of satisfaction just without the copious amounts of toxic chemicals, including tar and carbon monoxide which is found in cigarette smoke. 

We know how important it is to people wanting to replicate the effect of smoking a cigarette when they have quit smoking, which is why we’ve worked hard to formulate WholeNic to give you full satisfaction every single time!