A guide to 2X Vape Juices


What is 2X Vape juice?

2x Vape is a range of premium vape juice designed to give you the user the most satisfying and flavoursome vaping experience possible.

Our range of punchy full bodied flavours combined with our specially developed Nic salt (WholeNic) will leave your taste buds tingling and you feeling satisfied for longer.

What is WholeNic®?

WholeNic® is a special form of nicotine that contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids normally found in tobacco, but without any of the nasty chemicals being involved. WholeNic® provides a satisfying kick of nicotine to vapers, similar to what tobacco that gives smokers pleasure, providing an all round pleasurable vape experience and a considerably safer and healthier option when compared to smoking!

Nicotine is not harmful to health like what many believe. It is widely believed that Nicotine is one of the cancer causing chemicals found in cigarettes, but there has not been any proven evidence published that shows Nicotine to be harmful to a person. 

watermelon vape juice 2x

How were the flavours of 2X Vape juice created?

There is no denying that Disposable vapes have taken the vaping market by storm, and the popularity is increasing by the day.

The tantalising and delicious sounding flavours play a massive factor in the popularity of Disposables, and at 2XVape, we wanted to take inspiration from these flavours and create our own range of mouth watering vape juice flavours, combined with our WholeNic Nic Salt to create a much more environmentally friendly and cost effective way to enjoy these flavours than opting for a disposable vape.

All of our vape juices are created to the highest standards in the UK at our state of the art ISO9001 facility and keeping fully compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive legislations

The 2X Vape Juice Flavours

We’ve kept it simple and small with our flavour range of 2X Vape Juice as we believe less is more, and the flavours we have created will make you not want to reach for any other flavours! We will give you a breakdown of each of our six flavours and what to expect when you vape these fantastic tasting juices.

  • Blueberry Cool – An authentic freshly picked blueberry flavour with a cool effect on exhale
  • Blue Raspberry Fizz – Reminiscent of the childhood (or adult!) slushy drink we all love on a hot day. You don’t need the sun to be out to really enjoy the flavour of this juice!
  • Sour Green Apple – If you’re a bit of a sour sweet junkie, then this flavour is ideal for you! Crisp ripe apples with a sour aftertaste that will leave your tastebuds salivating for more!
  • Strawberry Sweet The perfect combination of sweet candied and natural strawberry flavours combined in one flavour of vape juice!
  • Sweet Mint – A simple straight forward mint flavour that will leave your taste buds refreshed!
  • Watermelon Ice – A punchy full bodied candy watermelon flavour with a refreshing icy after kick on exhale
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What strengths can I buy?

Our range of 2X Vape Juice is available in two different nicotine strengths which caters for everyone’s nicotine needs. 

10mg Nicotine strength would be suitable for somebody who has a low tolerance for Nicotine, and was previously only a light smoker of maybe up to 10 cigarettes a day or just over. 

20mg Nicotine strength would be best suited for someone with a high tolerance for Nicotine, and was previously a moderate to heavy smoker as this will provide a punchy nicotine hit that you’d previously be accustomed to from smoking. 

All bottles of 2X Vape Juice are 10ml.

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