A complete guide on travelling with your Vaping gear

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How to travel with your vaping device and vape juice

If you’re planning a trip abroad and are a bit unsure on what the restriction and guidelines are for taking your vaping gear with you, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll go over the Do’s and Don’ts of travelling with your vaping gear and vape juice, how to take it on a plane, and how vaping laws differ from country to country.

Can I Use My Vape at the Airport?

Yes, of course you can use your vape at the airport, but the same rules apply for vaping as it does for smoking, and it’s only permitted within designated areas.

You should make yourself aware of the designated vaping/smoking areas outside, as normally in most big airports, once you pass through security, you will not be allowed outside of the airport to vape. Some airports do have areas passed security, so check prior to travelling.

Vaping within the airport is strictly prohibited in all UK Airports, so please be respectful of these rules. Gone are the days of airports having designated smoking rooms within the airport sadly!

How to correctly store your vape gear in your luggage when you travel

There are specifics when it comes to storing your vaping gear in your luggage and it’s imperative you get it right, else you could face having to hand it over to the welcoming hands of airport security! Each airline may have different rules and regulations on what’s permitted, so check with your airlines website prior to travel just to be sure.


Hand Luggage/Cabin Bag


If your device has external batteries, take them out of your device and store them in a hard plastic carry case, and keep with your vape. You cannot fly with the batteries still in the device, so this is crucial.


Remember to empty any vape juice out of your tank prior to flying. The cabin pressure may cause your juice to leak out of the air flow holes and cover whatever else is in your bag! 


Bottles cannot exceed 100ml in size and must be stored in a clear plastic bag with whatever other liquids you plan on travelling with. Be a good passenger, and always have this out of your bag ready for inspection as it just makes everyone’s life easier!


Checked Luggage


Any vaping device that has a built in Lithium-ion battery MUST not be put in your checked baggage that goes in the hold, as this could cause the battery to overheat and explode.


Any juice bottles larger than 100ml must also go in your checked baggage, and any spare batteries other than the necessary ones for your device must also go in your checked baggage.


This is only advice based on my research and experience, please check with your airline for confirmation prior to travelling to know the exact rules and regulations.

Can I Vape on the Plane?

No, you can’t vape on a plane.

The same rules apply to planes as they do on any public transport, and it’s vaping is strictly prohibited. People do try and bend the rules by having a sneaky stealth vape in the toilet, or under a blanket, but it’s not something I condone or recommend, as if you get caught, you’ll likely be met by some lovely local police at the other end when you get off the plane. Is it really worth it for a quick puff?

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Can I take my disposable vape on the plane?

Thought I best cover this as a separate question due to everyone and their auntie using Disposable vapes these days!

Yes you can take your disposable on a plane, but as mentioned above, as it has a contained Lithium-Ion battery in, you must keep it with you or in your cabin bag and not put any in your main suitcase that goes in the hold.

Can You Buy Vape Juice and Replacement Coils Abroad?

This question really depends on what country you’re travelling to, as the rules on vaping vary from country to country, which I’ll go into on the next point.

My recommendation is always read up and research on the laws surrounding vaping in the country you’re going to, and it’s worth checking up to see where the vape shops are situated in relation to where you’re staying. Prices for vape gear will vary where you go, you might even find some places offering things cheaper than you can get at home!

Failing that, take enough vape juice and coils with you just to guarantee you don’t get caught short!

Vaping Laws around the World

I’ll briefly touch on Vaping laws around the world in some popular holiday destination countries as they do vary quite a lot from country to country. Please be aware of these laws, and respectful of them. Breaking the law in a foreign country whilst you’re visiting can land you in some serious hot water that you likely won’t want to be in.

Australia – Vaping permitted. Vape juice containing Nicotine only available from Pharmacies with a valid prescription

New Zealand – Vaping permitted. Any flavour of vape juice other than tobacco or mint/menthol flavours can only be bought from Specialised Vape Shops.

USA – Vaping permitted in all states. Flavoured vape juice banned in specific states. Tax on Vaping related products varies from state to state. Legal vaping age is higher in some states.

Egypt and Turkey – Vaping permitted. It is illegal to purchase or sell vaping products in either of these countries

Japan – Vaping permitted. The sale of nicotine containing vape juice only allowed in Pharmacies to people with a valid prescription.

Singapore and ThailandVaping is banned and STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Anyone caught using a vaping device will face an unlimited fine and immediate jail sentence,

I find it fascinating how much the law varies from country to country, and even state to state within the USA. Please do make sure you always check and understand the laws of the country you’re travelling to prior to you travelling there.

I hope this has helped answer any questions you may have/had in regards to travelling with your vaping gear and vape juice. As I’ve mentioned, this is all just information based on my own research and I would highly reccomend checking for yourself about your airline’s regulations and the official laws on vaping in your destination country.