5 Reasons People Prefer Nicotine Salts & Bar Salts

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The age old argument and debate that’s been ongoing in the vaping world and still is going on today, is what is the better vape juice…Nicotine/Bar Salts or the OG e-liquid, Freebase Nicotine? Well there isn’t really a definitive answer to this debate, and it does really all come down to person preference. But there are definitely several advantages to using Nic Salts which is why some people prefer them.

In this article, I’m going to look at what I think are the Top 5 reasons why people prefer using Nicotine Salts or Bar Salts as their preferred vape juice of choice. Let’s get into it!

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1 – The flavours are richer

The flavours of Nicotine or Bar Salts are considerably richer and fuller tasting than that of traditional Freebase nicotine vape juice, and for this reason is why many people prefer using Nic Salt e-liquid.

This comes down to the fact that the acid used to create the Nicotine Salts interacts with the flavour concentrates used within the vape juice recipe, and in turn makes the flavours a lot more prominent. I’ve tried the same flavour vape juice in both Freebase and Nic Salt side by side, and the flavour difference of the Nicotine Salt version really stood above the standard Freebase one.

I don’t know about you, but flavour is quite important to me when it comes to e-liquid, which is why I only vape Nic Salts or Bar Salts, due to the rich and full flavour that comes with it.

2 – Bar Salts have a faster absorption rate

If you don’t know about all the science behind Nic Salts, you probably wouldn’t know the above fact, but Nic/Bar Salts do have a much faster absorption than that of standard Nicotine vape juice.

The absorption rate from the point of inhalation is as little as 6 seconds, which is roughly 4 seconds faster than Freebase nicotine. We kept this in mind when creating 2X Vape Juice and paired it with our patented WholeNic Nic Salt formula, which gives all of the same nicotine effects you get from a cigarette, without having to actually smoke one!

And with the absorption rate being 6 seconds, which is similar to that of inhaling a cigarette, people can get an almost like for like experience of smoking, just minus the 7000 chemicals found in a lit cigarette!

3 – Higher nicotine strengths can be used and it won’t be harsh on the throat

Another advantage of using Bar Salts what people like is the fact that a higher nicotine strength can be used, and it won’t be harsh on the throat and you’ll get a smooth vape every time. Whereas if you used something like an 18mg Freebase, if you had a low tolerance for nicotine and weren’t used to it, then it will be far too harsh on your throat and it won’t be an enjoyable experience for you.

The reason it’s smooth and not harsh is because the acid, normally Benzoic Acid, is used to neutralize the pH levels of the Nicotine, which makes it less acidic, and in turn less harsh on the throat. Which is why you can comfortably vape a 20mg Nicotine strength, even if you weren’t a heavy smoker as it’ll be smooth and flavoursome!

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4 – Nic Salts are what’s used in Disposable Vapes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Disposable Vapes are all the rage and easily the most popular vaping device of choice today. People are buying them for the convenience factor, as well as all the huge array of mouth watering flavours on offer, but did you know the vape juice used inside them are Nicotine Salts? Well, you do now!

Disposable Vapes are not the cheapest way to vape, with a single device costing £5 and only containing 2ml of vape juice. Compare this to a 10ml bottle of 2X Vape Juice which only costs £2.95, it’s a no brainer why it’s such a good alternative to Disposables.

Our range of vape juice on offer here at 2X is inspired by the flavours of Disposable Vapes, but we’ve put our own spin on them, and paired them with our patented WholeNic formula which gives a satisfying and flavoursome vaping experience every time!

5 – Using Nicotine/Bar Salts will make quitting smoking easier

As I mentioned in one of my earlier points, Nicotine Salts have an absorption rate very close to what it is from smoking a cigarette so it makes sense to use them if you’re quitting smoking as it will create a like for like experience.

More people these days are opting to quit smoking and start vaping now, with over 3 million adult users of E-Cigarettes in the UK alone and people are opting to use Nicotine Salts as their first choice of vape juice.

When you quit smoking, you’ll want to replicate the amount of nicotine that you had previously been used to getting from cigarettes, and using Nic Salts will be the ideal option, as 10mg would be suited for someone who smoked around 5-10 cigarettes a day, whereas 20mg nicotine strength would be best suited for a heavier smoker of 15-20+ cigarettes a day.

Our patented WholeNic Nicotine Salt features the full spectrum of Nicotine Akaloids that are found in actual tobacco, so using 2X Vape Juice will give you a satisfying nicotine hit that will be similar to what you got from smoking a cigarette.