5 Positive Effects of Vaping


Vaping doesn’t half get some bad press, and it’s been the case for the longest time. And in reality, it actually gets more bad press than good truth be told. And the majority of this bad press is actually misinformation and false accusations stating about the “negative effects” that Vaping can have on a person, their body, and others around them.

But as mentioned, it’s most misinformation as well as false information normally distributed by anti vape campaigners and organisations to scare people off the idea. But did you know there’s actually quite a few positive effects that Vaping can have on you? And also others around you? In this article, I’m going to go through some of the positive effects of Vaping, and why you should consider it if you aren’t already! Let’s get into it!

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1 – Your Health Will Drastically Improve

So you’re a smoker, nothing wrong with it, you’re one of millions in the UK that smoke and it’s your choice. But you’re sitting there thinking about quitting, and wanting to try out this Vaping lark that you’ve seen becoming popular. But you’re asking yourself “Will my health actually benefit from me quitting smoking and starting to vape?” Short answer…Yes. Absolutely it will.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of avoidable deaths every year, and not just in the UK, but globally as well. When a cigarette is lit, there’s over 6000 chemicals emitted from the smoke that’s created via combustion, and where is that smoke going? Straight into your lungs when you inhale it! Within those thousands of chemicals, it’s been proven that there are at least 60 chemicals that have cancer causing properties and if consistently ingested, then the worst could possibly happen to you.

Another two prominent chemicals which are produced and ingested is Carbon Monoxide and Tar. Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas and basically replaces the oxygen in your blood stream. This forces your heart to work in “overdrive mode” and puts strain on it, and also it can stop your lungs from functioning how they should as well.

With the Carbon Monoxide causing damage to your blood stream, your blood cells and tissue will stop getting the oxygen it vitally needs and this in turn can heighten your risk of heart disease/attacks as well as strokes. Tar is a thick gloopy substance that will take home in the base of your lungs and sit there, causing irritation and also narrowing the tubes that absorb oxygen. This can lead to contracting a whole host of lung diseases like COPD and Emphysema. Not fun!

When you quit smoking, you will notice the difference in your health improving within a matter of days. The carbon monoxide will start clearing out and your oxygen levels will start to regulate to how they were, and the tar that’s sitting in your lungs will begin to naturally disperse as well, and within a year, your risk of contracting a smoking related disease will have dropped significantly.

The main positive effect of Vaping is that your health will improve and you won’t be adding any nasty chemicals like the ones I’ve mentioned above simply because these chemicals are not produced within vapour from an E-Cigarette like what they are produced from a lit cigarette. Making the switch to Vaping really will help improve your general health and wellbeing.

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2 – The Money You Will Save Is Crazy

Everyone is feeling the pinch when it comes to finances currently. People are cutting things out and making sacrifices to ensure that they can still afford to pay their bills, but people who smoke are struggling to keep up with the ever increasing cost that is associated with it.

The average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK currently is over £12, and if you smoked a pack a day, this is going to be setting you back £84 a week, £336 a month and £4032 a year! This is a cost that many people can ill afford, but it’s not as easy as just stopping and saving money as chances are you’re deep into a nicotine addiction from smoking cigarettes for a duration of time.

I’d never suggest people just stop and go cold turkey, as this can be a hinderance down to withdrawal symptoms setting in, this is where the positive effect of vaping comes in as it can save you an astronomical amount! The average cost of Vaping every year is less than £500 (especially if you use 2X Vape Juice) even if you were a heavy vaper, this yearly cost is just over what it would cost someone MONTHLY to smoke!

Vaping still gives people an avenue for nicotine consumption, but just at a much more cost affordable way which is something everyone should be embracing within this cost of living crisis that we are all having to hold on and take the ride through.

3 – Vapour Doesn’t Linger Like What Smoke Does

There is nothing close to the smell of a cigarette, and it’s so easy to smell when somebody has recently had a cigarette if they come close to you, or you go into somewhere where they have recently stubbed a cigarette out.

The smell of the smoke and also the actual smoke itself tends to hang around like, well, a bad smell. This smell is really prominent and not one that is easy to get rid of, or mask if you’re trying to be sneaky about your smoking habits. It can also stick to walls and surfaces and cause a slight discolouration and yellowy tinge due to the nicotine reacting with the smoke.

The positive effect of vaping here is that vapour produced from an e-cigarette disperses in the air quite quickly, and vapour doesn’t stain walls, nor surfaces and it doesn’t stick to clothing like what cigarette smoke does. So you can freely vape in a room in your house and not worry about it lingering, and also you can vape away and people wouldn’t be able to smell it on you or your clothes like they would cigarette smoke. Winner!

4 – Your Oral Health and Hygiene Will Improve

Sticking to the subject of the above in regards to cigarette smoke, not only can people smell it on your clothes, it’s also pretty prominent on someone’s breath as well. When having a discussion with a smoker, it’s really easy to tell if they’ve recently had a cigarette and this is something that some people don’t enjoy.

The nicotine from cigarette smoke can also cause staining to the teeth as well, giving them a yellowy tinge, and can also cause plaque build up as well as bad breath. All in all, not good for your oral health! Whereas vaping doesn’t have this same effect. Whilst your vape juice may still have nicotine in, it won’t cause staining to your teeth as severely as what it does from a cigarette smoke, as it’s reacting differently compared to a lit cigarette.

Vaping isn’t bad for your oral health and changing to vaping from smoking can really have a positive effect on your oral health and hygiene improving significantly!

5 – Choosing To Vape Has a Positive Effect For Others Around You

I mentioned at the top of this article about the risks involved with smoking and it being one of the leading contributors for deaths globally, but did you know that smoking actually is responsible for deaths of people who aren’t even smokers? How I hear you ask? Passive smoking that’s how!

When you light a cigarette, the smoke emits and there’s no controlling it, and it goes wherever it wants to, as well as hovering around in the air wherever you may be. And this is when it can harm people around you, as this smoke can be ingested by others effectively making them “passively smoke” or take in second hand smoke, against their own will. This can heavily effect elderly people or infants and children who do not have a strong immune system and it’s actually be proving to be a cause of death amongst these age demographics.

On a much more positive note, there has not been (and I personally don’t think there ever will be) any scientific studies or proof printed that second hand vapour is harmful to anyone who may ingest it. Due to there not being thousands upon thousands of chemicals contained within the vapour like there is in cigarette smoke, even if someone did happen to passively inhale the vapour, it won’t cause them any harm like what smoke does.

And that concludes my article on the positive effects of Vaping. I hope this has helped enlighten you on the subject and put your mind at ease if you had any doubts over it after reading the abundance of misinformation and false news that’s been printed about vaping.

And if you are a smoker considering making the switch, there really is no time like the present to do it! Just look at all the positive effects it can have on you, your health, your bank balance and others around you!