5 Common Mistakes Made With Your Vape Tank


The art of Vaping is something that’s not the easiest to get the hang of, especially if you’re a newbie! There’s no harm in that, everyone starts somewhere, and even for someone like me who is a seasoned vaper that’s been vaping for many years, there’s still things that catch me out, especially when using a new device I’m not familiar with.

Vape Tanks are the most important part of any vaping device, as they not only hold your vape liquid that contains that precious nicotine you crave (well, not in all cases if you’re a nicotine free vaper) but they also house the coil which is essentially the heartbeat of any vaping device, which is why you must take care and make sure everything is all in order for your vape to function properly.

I’m going to look at 5 of the most common mistakes people can make involving their vape tanks, and how to avoid making these mistakes to ensure you always have a pleasurable vaping experience with no problems!

vape settings

#1 – Using The Wrong Settings

There’s so many different vaping devices out there on the market today, it’s hard to pick the right one. Whilst they all essentially do the same thing, which is heating the vape juice up and delivering nicotine to your system. But, there are a fair few different types of devices, especially on today’s market with the advancement of technology that seems to be going at a rapid speed.

If you’ve got yourself a device that features “Variable Wattage” then chances are you may make an error with it if you don’t follow instruction. This means that the wattage of the device is changeable and will create a stronger “hit” depending on the number you have it on, as well as the more cloud that will be produced from the power going through the battery.

This is where people can go wrong, especially if you’re a new starter, as it might seem tempting to pump that wattage up to get a big nicotine hit, or blow a big cloud to impress yourself or others around you. But what you likely will be achieving is burning your coil out near immediately because the wattage you have it on is not suited to the coil specifications.

Every coil will feature a “recommended wattage” setting, and its essential that you follow these guidelines if you want to ensure you have a long lasting coil and not be forking out straight away on a new one. Ensure you follow the guidelines and set your device wattage to what is recommended. If you have a non variable wattage device, you don’t need to worry about it, as the device’s chip inside will regulate itself and you’ll be away

#2 – Using The Wrong Vape Liquids

This was pretty close to taking the number one spot I can’t deny, as this is equally as big of a common mistake people make which is using the wrong vape juice in their vape which is not appropriate for the coil that’s housed inside the tank.

There’s two different types of vape coil, Mouth to Lung coils and Direct to Lung coils, both of which do very different things and also require different vape juices to be run through them for your vape to function properly.

With Mouth to Lung Coils, it’s recommended that a “thinner” vape juice is used with them. Thinner juice is basically the nickname given to vape juice which is 50VG 50PG Ratio, so with a equal mix of both things, this will provide more of a throat hit from the PG involved in it, and is ideal for people who want to replicate that effect that comes from smoking a cigarette.

If you tried to run a thicker e-liquid through your coil, then this is where the problems will start to begin, as the coil and amount of cotton wick is not designed to be able to take the thicker juice and will clog your tank up and cause it to not function.

If you’ve got a bigger device like a Sub-Ohm device, then you’ll need to be using a thicker “High VG” vape juice, because the coil is considerably bigger than MTL coils, and there’s a lot more cotton put into them to absorb the vape juice and also because these devices are run at a higher wattage so it won’t burn out as quick.

If you used a thinner 5050 vape juice in a sub ohm tank, then it simply won’t absorb into the cotton and will likely just leak through out of the air flow holes which is not ideal! So ensure you’re using the right vape juice for your tank.

vape tank filling

#3 – Underfilling Your Vape Tank

If you look at any coil, chances are there’s an indicator on it which shows a minimum fill line, which isn’t there for decoration purposes, it’s actually there to indicate what the minimum amount of vape juice should be in your tank to ensure that your coil remains saturated properly.

If it’s not, then chances are your coil cotton will be drying out and you’ll be getting dry hits which are not pleasant and in turn will just ruin your coil which there’s no coming back from!

Easy way to avoid this mistake, is to keep your vape tank suitably topped up so that your coil remains saturated. And also be cautious that you don’t overfill your tank as this will have the opposite effect and flood your coil. Keep your tank topped up to about 90% capacity, and always keep an eye on your levels when vaping.

#4 – Not Letting A New Coil Soak Long Enough

There’s nothing more exciting than putting a fresh new coil into your tank, and topping up with a new juice you’ve just bought. You’ve bought it because you love the sound of the flavour and just cannot wait to see if the flavour taste matches the description! You do both of these things and immediately take a puff anddddd…BURNT COTTON TASTE! The taste that is up there with one of the worst tastes in the whole universe (maybe a bit dramatic…) but why has this happened I hear you cry?

Well, it’s simply for the fact that you haven’t let the vape juice bed into the cotton of the coil properly, meaning the cotton wasn’t saturated enough and you’ve just ruined your coil that there’s no coming back from. Impatience doesn’t pay off!

When you put a new coil into your tank, fill your tank up (don’t forget, 90%!)and leave your vape alone for a good 5-10 minutes for the vape juice to properly soak and absorb into the cotton that’s housed in your coil. And another thing I always recommend is turn your wattage down a bit (if your device is variable wattage) for the first couple of puffs before putting it back up to the desired wattage you want your device on.

cleaning vape tank

#5 – Not Keeping Your Tank Clean

We’re gonna finish up with this one, and it’s something relatively obvious, and simplistic but still people do fail to do this, and that’s keeping your vape tank clean!

If you carry your vape around in your bag or in your pocket, then chances are you’re going to be getting debris from there landing into your vape tank. And if these things are lurking in your vape tank, then you run this risk of them being inhaled when you go to take a puff on your vape, nasty!

You can avoid this by keeping an eye on the state of your vape tank, and if you do happen to spy anything in your tank that shouldn’t be there, then clear it out! You can clean your tank by taking it apart, and giving it a wipe round with a paper towel, or even give your vape tank (without the coil in!) a rinse under warm water and ensure it’s fully clean and clear of dirt and grime, give it a dry and put it back together and you’ll be well away! You can even use something like an ultrasonic cleaner if you want to be super fancy!

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