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With anything that is classed as a consumable suitable to be sold at a Retail level, Quality Control checks are absolutely key to ensure that the products being sold are fit for purpose and safe to be sold. It’s also essential for companies to abide by any specific regulations that are set out for that specific product.

The Tobacco Products Directive was introduced in 2016 to regulate and control the E-Cigarette market, by bringing in restrictions on the maximum capacity size of vape tanks, reducing the bottle size for vape juice that contained Nicotine, as well as banning specific ingredients for the safety of the consumers.

In this article, I’m going to explain what we do here at 2X Vape to ensure that we comply to all regulations put in place by TPD, as well as detailing how one of the current biggest brands in the Vaping industry distributed vaping products to be sold at retail that did not adhere to the regulations as set out by TPD.

afs facility

A bit about our facilities

Most people don’t know about our facilities that we operate from, so I’m going to give you a bit of detail explaining exactly what goes on behind the scenes at 2X Vape!

All of our operations take place under the same roof at our state of the art facilities, and we are based in Manchester, which is in the North of England. When I say all of our operations, I mean ALL of our operations!

We have our own Flavour House which is where all of the flavours for our vape juices are made, using the highest quality ingredients (I’ll explain more about this a bit further down) to create the flavours you know and love.

mixing lab

Once the flavours are made by our team of Flavour Experts, they are passed through to our Technicians who mix and blend every single flavour that we sell, following our recipes that have been fine tuned to create the most optimal flavours, and this happens in our ISO-9001 clean labs with all correct safety protocols adhered to at all times.

The large quantities of Vape Juice are then passed through to our team in the Bottling and Labelling department, and the full bottles are then passed through to our packing team where it is boxed and safely stored in our Warehouse.

automated vape bottle machine

And finally, our Warehouse team then takes over to pick, pack and dispatch any orders that are placed on our website, and it then leaves our facility and makes it way right to your doorstep!

From the start of the flavour concentrates being made, to a fully finished bottle of premium, high quality vape juice leaving our warehouse and making it’s way to you, every single part of this process is done under the same roof!

We are immensely proud of our facilities and having full control over every step of the process means we can deliver cheap vape juice, of the highest quality to you our customers without involving any other 3rd party clients.

Everything is tested that comes through our doors

We source all of our raw ingredients used in our Vape Juices from within the UK, so we don’t have to pay customs fees or 3rd party client fees that may incur, so this means we keep our costs down, so it keeps your costs down when it comes to buying your cheap e-liquid.

To ensure what we are using is the highest quality, and is safe for our customers to consume, as well as keeping in line with all TPD Regulations, every single raw ingredients that comes through our doors is tested to the highest levels by our Lab Technicians prior to being used.

Nothing will be used, nor leave our facility until it has passed all necessary Quality Control checks that we carry out every single time. We also hold samples of all raw materials as well as finished products at the point of testing, so IF any problems did arise, we would soon be able to match it back.

2X Vape lab

How we keep in line with TPD Regulations

All of our products that we manufacture are done to exact specifications which adhere to the regulations set out by the TPD, and we ensure everything we produce and release is compliant with regulations.

None of our juices contain ingredients which are banned under TPD Regulations, as we are a Diketone and CMR free zone. If you’ve never heard of Diketone before, it’s the chemical name for a molecule that contains two carbonyl groups, with the principal one being Diacetyl.

Diacetyl is a sweetener that’s forbidden in vape juice and was found to be the main perpetrator when the “popcorn lung” incidents were occurring.

To put your mind at even more ease, ALL of the chemicals we use in our manufacturing of Vape Juice are deemed safe for inhalation.

So now you know what we do, and it gives you an insight to our day to day operations to ensure we supply you our customers with the highest quality vape juice at the cheapest price possible, all the time paying close attention to the detail of ensuring everything we manufacture adheres to regulations set out by TPD.

However, not all companies are like us, and sometimes, things slip through the net and filter into the market for unknowing customers to purchase something that doesn’t adhere to TPD regulations.

A fine example of this was a news article which broke this week involving one of the biggest brand names in Vaping today putting out products that exceeded the legal vape juice limit. Let’s have a look at this news story, and the potential repercussions which may follow this negligence to regulations.

bundle of elfbar disposables

Elfbar 600 Disposable Vapes found to contain more than 2ml of Vape Juice

Earlier this week, news broke in UK tabloids that uncovered that certain flavours of Elfbar 600 Disposable Vapes were found to contain 3ml and above of vape juice inside the device, more than 50% of the legal limit of 2ml that was set out by the TPD regulations in 2016.

Watermelon Elfbar 600’s were found to be containing more than 2ml of vape juice, and saw these flavours pulled from sale immediately by large supermarket chains such as Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons.

However, Tesco and Morrisons have gone one step further and removed from sale the entire range of Elfbar 600 Disposables they previously had sold, with no comment on whether or not they will be reinstated for sale in the future. Tesco merely stating they have been removed from sale as a “safety precaution while they work with Trading Standard and Elfbar”

Elfbar comments on the situation

A spokesperson for Elfbar reached out to make a statement to the Daily Mail, who first broke this news story, and said the following;

“”We found out that some batches of the Elf Bar product have been overfilled in the UK.

“It appears that e-liquid tank sizes, which are standard in other markets [such as the US], have been inadvertently fitted to some of our UK products.

“We wholeheartedly apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.”

Elfbar not only manufacture Disposables that are sold in the UK, they are the largest manufacturer and distributor of Disposables in the world and ship them out globally to countries where there are no restrictions on e-liquid volume or strength like there is here in the UK.

This is where the problem lies as the demand for supply is so huge I would imagine, that the probability of things slipping through the net is relatively high, and it’s been shown just how high this probability is, with the discovery of non TPD compliant Disposables being sold in shops.

This is why it’s so important for Quality Control checks to take priority, and which is why we pride ourselves on how thorough we are when it comes to all checks being made and finalised, and all regulations being adhered to before anything leaves our facilities.

I hope this article has given you some insight to our operations that go on here at 2XVape HQ, and it has shown you just how important safety, quality, and adherence to all regulations is important. And why our products are safe and compliant to be sold to our customers online as well as in shops.

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