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We have created our own variety of mouth-watering vape juice flavours with our own unique formulations made with WholeNic® Nicotine Salts.

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Enjoy The Flavours Of Disposables In A More Cost Effective Way

We have created our range of 2X Vape Juices by taking inspiration from the flavours seen used in Disposable Vapes, and put our own unique spin on them to give you the chance to enjoy flavours like Disposables, but in a more cost effective and safer way. 

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Double the Flavour.

Twice the Satisfaction.

2X is a unique new range of Premium e-liquids combining novel flavours and Wholenic® nicotine. This unique combination delivers ‘Twice the Satisfaction’ on impact, with longer lasting nicotine benefits. Users have consistently found the combined benefits add significantly to their Vaping experience. Why not take a look at our most popular flavours - Sweet Mint & Strawberry Sweet


What Is Nicotine Salt Vape Juice?

Nicotine Salt is a different form of Nicotine, which uses Freebase Nicotine with a weak acid added to it as this neutralises the pH levels slightly, meaning a higher nicotine strength can be vaped without it being harsh on the throat when inhaling. It’s also faster absorbed into the bloodstream 

All of our juices at 2X are made using our patented Nicotine called WholeNic which is like Nicotine Salt, but using the full spectrum of alkaloids found in a tobacco leaf.

What is WholeNic®?

WholeNic® is a special form of nicotine that contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids found in tobacco, but without any of the nasty chemicals. WholeNic® provides everything in tobacco that gives smokers pleasure, providing cigarette like satisfaction without having to smoke one! 

With E-Liquid flavours ranging from Sweet Mint to Blueberry Raspberry Fizz, we’ll have a flavour for you! Twice the flavour and twice the satisfaction as standard vape juice!

What vape device is best?

This is a question that can be tricky to find a definitive answer, but we can certainly give some recommendations! 

We would recommend a pod system device as the best device to use our 2X Nicotine Salts in. These devices work as a Mouth to Lung style vape

Using a Pod System means your device will not run at high power and give you a smooth yet punchy nicotine kick every time you use it. Nic Salts are not recommended to be used in Sub Ohm Mods.

Are Disposables good to use?

Disposable Vapes are very convenient as a “grab and go” device, and also for someone who may be new to vaping and unsure of the technology

Disposables are devices that are self contained units that are prefilled with around 2ml of Nic Salt vape juice, and runs off a lithium battery.

Disposable vapes are not refillable, nor are they rechargeable, and once the battery runs flat or the vape juice runs out, simply dispose of them and get a new one. Easy as that!

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